Lancôme Spring Collection 2018 - French Temptation

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Welcome in the creative and edgy world of the 'French Cuisine'.
Lancôme has pimped classic dishes into new and trendy designs with flashy colors to match the new designs.
Lancôme created their spring 2018 look with only two keywords in mind 'French Temptation'.
Be ready to dream away of eclairs, macarons, cakes and so many more desserts while we discover these products together in this blogpost.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Eye Suger Palette - € 65,00

This eye sugar palette will make your eye look gorgeous and unique because of the special effects these eyeshadows have.
The possibilities are endless with this palette as it includes 10 daring shades: 5 shimmery shades, 2 glitter shades and 3 matte shades.
all the eyeshadows have a powdery finish and are very easy because they become more of a creamy texture when they touch our skin.
This new texture is easy to apply with the brush that comes in this pretty palette.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Ombre Hypnôse Le Petit Chubby - € 25,00

This is an eyeshadow stick in a nice pink color.
These eyeshadows sticks were actually launched in 4 shades: Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green.
Le Petit Chubby eyeshadow is very creamy and has a high pigmentation.
You can use them as a base and put some of the eyeshadows out of the Sugar palette on top, or you can use it completely by itself.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Le Teint Macaron - € 65,00

The Parisian candy that everyone knows all over the world: the macaron.
There are macarons in all kinds of flavours and patissiers try to be creative with the flavours, 
but it is Lancôme who is being really creative this year.
These Blush&Blender macarons really do look a lot like the real cookies (although I wouldn't eat them).
The plastic macaron contains a creamy blush and the flexible macaron is a blender to apply the creamy blush with.
You will have an amazing, irresistible blush onto your cheek when using these!

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Jelly Flower Lip Tint - € 30,00

Through the transparent pearly white cap (which reminds of French Porcelain), you see a texture that reminds me a lot of rose jelly.
In this rose jelly you can see authentic rose leafs floating around, which makes this lip tint a beauty for the eye.
When you apply the jelly flower lip tint, it leaves a subtle pink colour with a soft sheen onto your lips.

Lancôme Spring Collection 2018

Lancôme Le Vernis - € 20,50

Lancôme presents their iconic nail polishes 'Le Vernis' in candy toned colors.
I got a smoothie-pink lavender and a candy blue.
These nailpolishes will make your French Temptation look complete.

This look is so gorgeous and such a collectors collection, I really like it a lot.
When watching these products, I absolutely crave for a good dessert.
If you want to get some of these products for yourself, be quick as this is only a limited edition look launched for spring 2018.

What is you favourite product out of this Spring look by Lancôme?


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