Get your glow on!

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum!

 Lately it is all about having the perfect glow onto your skin.
That's why I am here to show you the musthave products to create the amazing glow we are all longing for.
Looking for a nice glow, a dewy finish or a non-sparkly glow? 
I've got everything you need in this blogpost!

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

Estelle & Thild Biocleanse Radiance Micro Polish - € 27,50

Estelle & Thild is a brand that provides us from organic skincare, that's the main reason why I like this brand so much.
They create skincare that really works, and even make it organic.

This Biocleanse Radiance Micro Polish buffs away dull skin to reveal an amazing glow.
Tiny micro-crystals are used int his cream, they gently polish and exfoliate your skin, without being to agressive.
When you use this exfoliating cream, all other products of your beauty routine will have optimal effects.

How to use?

Use this Estelle & Thild cream after your cleansing products, even up to 7 days a week.
Gently massage it onto a moist skin. be sure to avoid the eye area!
Lastly your rinse your face with some warm water and you're done.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Perfector (€ 37,90)  & Soft Light (€ 31,90)

From Make Up For Ever I got two products: a perfecting foundation and a liquid highlight.
First I'll talk about the foundation, as that one is applied first.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector is a new kind of foundation. It will not be an high-coverage product, but a foundation that will instantly blur and perfect your skintone.
This foundation gives your skin a healthy and luminous finish, what I like a lot!

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light can be compared to a liquid highlighter.
This products gives you skin an instant luminous glow with a soft sheen in it.
In this product there are 'mother-of-pearl' particles included, these particles are the one that will give your skin that subtle sparkle-free glow.
Important to know, is that this products can be used alone or mixed with a foundation.
I prefer to use it alone myself, as I really like the glow this product gives my skin.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

Elisabeth Arden 8 hour Cream - € 40,90

This 8 hour cream by Elisabeth Arden is like a skincare legend these days.
I already had this 8 hour cream in the handcream version but I was curious to try this one out as well.

This cream can be used the way you want it yourself.
Yu can use it to moisturize and protect anytime and anyway you choose.

You can use this cream to shape your brows, smooth cuticles and nails, sunburn, abrasions,...

I like to use it to give my skin some more shine.
I apply the 8 hour cream after my foundation to create that soft dewy look, that we also call strobing nowadays.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

In the picture above you see the products as they come out of the tube.
The textures are really nice, and what I also noticed is that the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Soft Light already has that nice glow over the product.

Get your glow on with Planet Parfum

In this picture you see how the products turn out when you apply them on your skin.
You can even see that the 8 hour cream by Elisabeth Arden really gives a nice dewy look.

When you're interested in these products, they're exclusively sold at Planet Parfum.

What product is your favorite out of this shiny list?
Or what do you use to create that nice glow on your skin?


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