Beauty News: Waterproof Makeup (with Catrice)

Waterproof Makeup

The rainy days are here again.
After the snow, it is all rain we see outside.
Off course that is not so good for our makeup, thank Catrice they released a makeup line that provides us from waterproof makeup to stay on fleek during these rainy days.
Sit back, relax and discover the makeup newbies.

Waterproof Makeup foundation

24h Made to Stay foundation - € 6,99

First of all we need wonderful coverage, create a nice canvas to make our other art on.
This foundation will last up to 24 hours.
It has a perfect coverage, a light texture and it feels silky soft on your skin.

The formula of this foundation will make your skin look smooth and even.
This foundation is an absolute musthave in your winter makeup stash.

Waterproof Makeup powder

Prime and Fine Mattifying Waterproof Powder  - € 4,99

When water touches this powder, the drops will roll of your face.
Exactly what you need on a rainy day when you want to keep your makeup just perfect.
This mattifying powder resists every kind of humid and will make your skin feel and look so soft.
This powder also contains vitamins A and E, so it will also nourish your skin perfectly.

Waterproof Makeup powder

 This powder is only available in one shade only, but this shade will adapt itself to any skin color that used this powder.

Waterproof Makeup mascara

Glam & Doll Volume waterproof Mascara  - € 3,99

Nothing messier that a mascara that runs out.
It looks ugly, is hard to clean and just makes a complete mess out of your look.
That's why you need a waterproof mascara during fall and winter when it rains a lot.

Waterproof Makeup eyeliner

Glam & Doll Super Black Liner waterproof  - € 3,39

Give your eyes a catchy accent with this black liner.
Just as the mascara it is a complete mess when your eyeliner runs out and you end up looking like a panda.
That's why it s needed to use a waterproof eyeliner.
What I like about this liner, is that you can work really precise with the tip of it.

Waterproof Makeup matte lipstick

Ultimate Matt Lipstick - € 3,99

A waterproof lipstick is hard for your lips, but that doesn't mean you can't use a lipstick that has an extra long durability.
A matte lipstick has high pigmentation, stays on extra long and doesn't feel dry on your lips.
With only one application you get the perfect lips.
This lipstick is available in 5 stunning shades.

waterproof makeup

 Do you use special makeup during winter season or when you know it will rain?
What do you like to use?


  1. Mooie fotos. Ben vooral benieuw of de producten ook echt blijven zitten, jammer dat je dit niet getest hebt.

  2. De vorige foundation van Catrice is lang mijn favoriet geweest, deze variant moet ik ook eens proberen!

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  4. ik ben wel benieuwd naar de matterende poeder, heb je die toevallig al getest?

  5. Waterproof make-up lijkt me ideaal. Dan hoef je je tenminste geen zorgen te maken over het beruchte wasbeer effect.

  6. Wat een mooie foto's! Ik gebruik zelf ook echt graag catrice!

  7. Ik heb spijtig genoeg veel last van allergie en kan weinig producten verdragen :o

  8. ah zalige collectie, die mascara lijkt mij wel fijn om te gebruiken.


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