Syoss - Color Sprays

Syoss Color Sprays

Have you ever wanted to try something different on your hair?
You're afraid of the result so you don't want the color to last a long time?
These Syoss Instant Color Sprays are exactly what you need! 
I tried out 3 colors of these sprays and I am sharing my thoughts about them with you.

Syoss Color Sprays

To create your own unique style and to be able to play with color.
These are the main reasons why Syoss created this professional range of instant color sprays.

The formula without ammonia and with super fine micro-coloring pigments will give your hair an immediate touch of daring color.
The spray dries very quick and the color will disappear the next time you wash your hair.

Syoss Color Sprays

To be creative on your hairdo, Syoss launches this awesome spray in 5 colors:
Silver, Candy Pink, Bright Violet, Ocean Blue and Gold.
I only tried out 3 of these colors: Silver, Candy Pink and Bright Violet.

How do you use these sprays?

Well, that's very simple.
You need to shake the Color Spray before every use, 
decide where in your hairdo you want to add some color, and just spray.
The head of the spray is so precise that you don't need to separate your hair or anything.
When you're done spraying, you just let the spray dry 
(if you're as impatient as me you can dry it with the coolest stand on you blowdryer as well :D)

Syoss Color Sprays

It is true what the description says, when you wash your hair, all the color will be washed out.
No need to worry about any stains that will remain in your hair.
I also like the pigmentation of the spray, it is not too pigmented but still very obvious to see.
Only the Silver color spray did not have a lot of effect on my hair, but I guess that's because I am a blondie.

Syoss Color Sprays

I am a fan of these Syoss Color Sprays.
They are so easy to use, give an awesome effect on your hair and wash out easily.
Perfect to try something different on your hair once in a while.

Syoss Color Sprays are now available for € 8,99 (120 ml)


  1. Die lijken me echt leuk voor de festivals of voor een feestje!

  2. Oh wat grappig dat Syoss dit nu ook heeft! Ik vind de kleuren erg mooi, maar denk dat dit niks voor mij is :)

  3. Die zijn leuk zeg! Zelf zou ik het niet snel doen, wie weet voor een feestje. Jouw foto's zijn in ieder geval heel enthousiast!

  4. zo leuk, ik wou vroeger ook wat roos of blauw in mijn haar.

  5. leuk om te gebruiken voor een thema feestje of de carnaval maar zo dagelijks zou ik het niet doen

  6. Ik vind die colour sprays echt een superleuke uitvinding. Kun je de kleuren ook zien op donkerbruin haar?

    1. Normaal gezien moet het ook zichtbaar zijn, maar dat kon ik jammer genoeg niet testen aangezien ik blond ben 🙈

  7. Heel leuk om te gebruiken bij speciale gelegenheden!

  8. Wow it really works well on your blonde hair!


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