Outfit Of The Day With My Dog

It has been a while since I wrote a blogpost were you can actually see me, so I thought it was about time to change that.

I am showing you in this blogpost my new outfit that I got myself to face the cold days during autumn and winter, and off course I am doing this with my lovely dog by my side.

We went walking behind my house the other day, and I thought that an outfit shoot in this setting would be very nice.
So I got my personal photographer (nothing fancy, it is just my mum) and we got out there.

First of all, it is not easy to shoot nice pictures with an animal, and absolutely not with my dog.
She likes taking a walk so much, that she just won't stand still or pose for a picture.
So off course, first we went for an actual walk so my dog was satisfied as well.

When my dog wasn't acting super excited anymore, the shooting could start.
I just got myself a new sweater by the brand Blake Seven, they really have the nices sweaters with the nicest quotes and prints on them.

I combined this sweater with new pants I ordered on Maison Lab, these are from the brand Super Trash.
I really recommend pants by this brand to all of you, I never had such a comfy pair of jeans before, and no I am not sponsored to say this.

My shoes weren't new, these are my Puma shoes that I already have a few months now. 
hallelujah for me for keeping them so clean during these months.

I know this outfit might seem a little grey, but hey it is autumn and soon it will be winter.
I don't feel like wearing the same colorful outfits as in the summer/spring.

And for my dog, she is wearing her lovely coat.

In case you also have a dog and you're having a hard time to keep the coat of your dog soft and shiny, try changing the food of your dog!

For my lovely black beauty that worked amazing.
Her hairs were looking dull and weren't feeling so soft anymore, but then I changed her food to natural food by https://www.platinum.com/nl/platinum-natvoer/natvoer.html , her coat really improved.

It might work for your dog as well to give natural food.

What do you think about my outfit and my dog?
Have you ever tried taking pictures with an animal, do you have tips for me to shoot even better pictures with my dog?


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