Max Factor Makeup

Max Factor Makeup

Recently I got very lucky that Max Factor sent me a makeup package to try out some of their new products.
I was so overwhelmed with the package they sent me, and I would like to invite you to take a closer look at the products and discover them together with me.

Max Factor Makeup

Max Factor Makeup

As you can see I got a box not only filled with makeup, there were also cookies included in the shape of makeup (how perfect can the world be :D?)

Max Factor lasting performance

The first product I tried out are the Lasting Performance foundations by Max Factor.
These days a lot of women want a foundation that stays perfect during the entire day.
But the misperception frequently exists that a foundation that stays good the entire day often is a foundation that doesn't look natural.

That's where Max Factor steps up the game.
They created a foundation with the 'touch proof' technology,
this means that the foundation stays on perfectly during the entire day, but is will lso look very natural on your skin.

Max Factor lasting performance

And off course a foundation will be even more flawless and perfect when you use a primer underneath.
I always use the Smooth Miracle primer by Max Factor.
This primer will make your skin look even more smooth than it already is.

max factor creme bronzer

Next up is the Max Factor Creme Bronzer.
This bronzer is a bronzer with microgepigented minerals that will fuse perfectly with your skin.
This bronzer will suit every skintype and color and will make you like like you've had a few weeks of vacation in the sun.

max factor 2000 calories

2000 calories mascara, luckily you don't have to eat those calories.
With this mascara you have everything you need in only one product:
amazing volume and an outstanding curl in your lashes.
When you use this mascara you no longer need to use a lash curler because the mascara really gives everything you need to see in your lashes.

What I also like about this mascara is that it is easy to remove. Often a mascara that gives huge volume is a pain in the *** to take off. But not this one.
And if you accidentally get some mascara on your clothes, you just need some water and soap to remove it (HUGE plus for me!)

max factor brow gel

Everything in makeup-world is now about the brow gels.
The Natural Brow Styler is a clear gel to style your precious eyebrows with.
This product will not only make your eyebrow hairs stay in place, it will als provide your eyebrows from a lot more definition.

I see you thinking 'Why should I use a clear gel when there are also colored versions of it?'
Well, when this clear gel dries on your eyebrows, you won't have any color stains which leaves this clear gel looking very natural.

max factor velvet matte lipstick

Lipstick addict as I am, I was very happy with this Velvet Matte Lipstick Collection by Max Factor.
As a woman, you can never have to many lipsticks (or at least that's what I tell my boyfriend :D)

As you might already know from previous blogposts, I have very dry lips.
It is always a struggle to wear matte lipsticks and still keeping my lips hydrated.
When using a matte lipstick, a few years ago I still needed to use lipscrubs, lipbalm,....
But from now on that procedure belongs to the past for me.

max factor velvet matte lipstick

Max Factor Velvet Matte lipstick has everything you need in one product!
It will give your lips an intense and matte color, but is also contains a soft and hydrating formula.

In this lipstick collection there are 6 colors available.
If you buy more than one lipstick and you don't want to buy as many lipliners.
You can buy yourself the Max Factor Colour Elixir Universal Lip Liner.
This is a lipliner that fits every lipstick color?
So you only need one lipliner for all the lipsticks in your collection.

max factor velvet matte lipstick

Here you can see some swatches from all the product I mentioned above.

What do you think about these makeup products?
Have you ever tried anything by Max Factor before, or would you like to?


  1. What a nice and complete box! I'm a fan of Max fFactor

  2. I know this brand! I used to buy their powder for my face. Great products.

  3. That's a wonderful box - and you made such gorgeous pictures from it too - lovely colors :)

  4. Your article is very unique and powerful for new reader. Thanks and Read it

  5. Hahaha, that "2000 calories" mascara! I know this brand but i don't really use it. It is beautiful though!

  6. I really like Max Factor as well. This package looks amazing, love the colours!

  7. I really like Max Factor mascara foundation, its always so pretty

  8. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  9. Wat een mooi pakketje met producten die er heel fijn uit zien! Vooral de bronzer lijkt me een erg mooi product.

  10. Eigenlijk heb ik best veel van max factor, Mooi merk en bekijft goed zitten. Ik koop het vaak als het inde aanbieding is, Love it

  11. Die lipsticks zien er allemaal zo goed uit!

  12. I have a maxfactor foundation that I love love love!!

  13. ik heb geen echte voorkeuren bij de aanschaf van verzorgingsproducten.

  14. I think these products look really good. Thanks for the review.

  15. Vooral de bronzer en de lipsticks (duh) zijn iets voor mij! Nummer 25 en 35 zijn mijn favorieten!

  16. Mooie producten, maar had eigenlijk het resultaat wel op je gezicht willen zien x

  17. Mooie producten, vooral die lipsticks lijken me geweldig

  18. Ik vind make-up van max factor er mooi uitzien, alleen ik gebruik het niet want het is niet dierproefvrij

  19. Ik houd van dit merk, gebruik het al jaren geregeld en mijn huid reageert er goed op!

  20. Ik vind dit altijd een heel fijn merk! Tof dat je deze mooie producten mocht uitproberen!

  21. Wat een mooie presentatie en verpakking van make-up. Het merk Max Factor ken ik wel.

  22. Mooie kleuren hebben de lippenstiften. Ik zou niet kunnen kiezen. Wel een leuk merk.

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