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impress nails

I used to have gel nails, but there were things that I was struggling with when I had them on my nails:
- I get tired of the design within 1 week
- It is no good for your own nails
- When a nail falls off, you need to wait until your next appointment to get your nails fixed

That's why I was in desperate search of some nice nails, that don't have those negative points for me:
Meet imPress nails, the press-on-manicure you can do yourself!

impress nails

I discovered these artificial nails on a press event organized by FS Agency.
There was a man (yes a man) explaining how you can use these nails.
The man got me when he said that these nails can be applied without any glue, 
so these artificial nails won't harm your natural nails.
I got so curious I tried them out on the event itself.

impress nails

How to use imPRESS nails?

In each box comes a 'prep pad', with this pad you can clean your natural nails and remove all the 'grease' that is on them.
Next step is choosing the right sizes of the nails.
Please take your tame for this step as this is really important.
When you choose the nails, just remove the protective plastic foil, put them in place and press for like 30 seconds.
And tadaaa, you got yourself a manicure.

impress nails

On the event the man told me these nails would last for like 2 days. 
I have tried some fake nails before, when I used nails you glue on they only last for 2 minutes XD
So I really was curious and decided to give them a chance.

You know what?
After a week the nails were still in place, amazing!
I decided to take them off because I got tired of the design.
I just soaked my fingers for 20 minutes in lukewarm water, and then I just took my nails of.
I repeated the proces with the prep pad and so one and in half an hour I had a new manicure.

imPRESS Press-on-Manicure

There are a lot of different designs available of these nails.
You can check them out on the imPRESS website.

I was really satisfied with these nails and since the event I've worn them constantly and they always lasted up to a week and even a week a half when I was too lazy to take them of :D
I never lost a nails so I didn't have to do a retouch or anything.

These nails are sold for € 9,99 (cheaper than gel nails right XD)

How do you think about these press-on-nails?
Will you give them a try?


  1. Het lijkt me superhandig! Vooral als je zelf niet zo goed bent met nagellak en een vijl.

  2. Wat een mooie designs! Ik heb zelf altijd gellak op mijn eigen nagels. Deze blijven wel 3 weken goed.

  3. dit deed ik vroeger wel eens maar nu lak ik gewoon mijn nagels

  4. Ik doe het zelf maar niet meer en laat het nu 1 keer in de maand door een ander doen Topresultaat en geen omkijken naar

  5. Ik vind het er heel mooi uitzien. Maar ik ben een van die vrouwen die gewoon niets kan met lange nagels. Het is dus niks voor mij :-)

  6. Ziet er goed uit! Ik heb dat ooit eens willen proberen maar na een uurtje was ik er al kwijt! Goed dat deze echt lang meegaan!

  7. Heel erg handig om op een snelle manier mooie verzorgde nagels te hebben!

  8. Wat mooi en handig zeg. Ik houd van verzorgde nagels en handen. Ik heb zelf acrylnagels

  9. I'm definitely not made for press on nails, I'm way too rough!

  10. I have never tried press on nails, I always just paint my nails. I might try this

  11. Ik las 'press on' en ik was geïnteresseerd. Want dat klinkt lekker makkelijk. En ik ben nooit zo handig en geduldig.


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