Essence - Back to School/Work Makeup

Essence Back to School

When September is over, almost everybody returned to school or work.
All the students started a new college year, 
all the working people had their holiday and go back to work,...
And that is the reason why Essence created some products that will make you look fabulous!
Just as fabulous to make it seem like you just returned from a holiday.

Essence Back to School

Essence Metal Art Lip & Eye Liner - € 2,99

The first product is the Essence Metal Art Lip & Eye Liner.
This product is ment to create amazing wings and fabulous lips.
As you can guess, this liner can be used on the eyes and lips. 
So this really is a multifunctional product.
The color you see in the picture above is the color '03 Coppy right'.
Off course there are more vibrant colors available of this liner.
I really love the pigmentation of it.
You can see a swatch beneath the following product.

Essence Back to School

Essence Make Me Glow Liquid Bronzer - € 3,59

During holiday we always have that nice glow over our skin that is hard to maintain.
With this liquid bronzer by Essence you can recreate your summer glow in no time.
There are two variations of this liquid bronzer.
The one I got is '20 sun in a bottle', this bronzer gives a summer glow.
The other bronzer available is more satin-rosé to give your skin a soft and subtle glow.

Essence Back to School

Essence Back to School

On the two pictures here above you can see some swatches of the liner and the liquid bronzer.
I really like both products a lot!

Essence Back to School

Essence Kiss The Frog Lipstick - € 1,99

One of my favourite lip products, are the 'Kiss the...' lipsticks.These are lipsticks that come in a vibrant color, but they won't be as vibrant on your lips.This lipstick reacts to the pH-value of your lips and make the lipstick turn into your own special color.My 'Kiss The Frog' lipstick turned out soft pink and I really like it.
I have written a review about this lipstick before in this blogpost.

Essence Back to School

Essence Holo Rainbow nail polish - € 2,89

Essence will launch 5 different shades with a holographic look and some sparkles,
that will make your nails shine!
The color on the picture above is 01- Hello Holo

Essence Back to School

Holo Correct to Perfect CC Powder Palette - € 3,59

Because of the sad fall weather, our skin might go looking dull and tired.
Redness, dark circles and a pale/dull skintone.
But all these 'imperfections' can be gone in no time with this palette.
What I like about this palette, is that it contains powders and not creams like the most of colour correcting palettes.
The powders are really easy to apply and blend onto your skin.

Green can be used to cover up redness.
Yellow  is perfect to hide purple ( like in dark circles) or bruises.
Purple/Blue can be used to hide unwanted yellow undertone of your skin.
When you have a pale skintone, please don't touch the orange powder.
This one is perfect for darker skintypes to cover up spots or dark circles

Essence Back to School

Which one is your favourite product of these launches?
Will you go buy somethinh yourself?

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  1. Great post, thanks :)

  2. Nice prices for beautiful products. I love the art lip and eye liner

  3. Scherpe prijzen voor mooie producten. Helemaal in stijl met het seizoen, nice Vooral de eyeliner

  4. Wat een mooie producten, Essence is altijd goed.

  5. Ik vind de naam zo leuk 'Kiss the frog'! Alleen daarom zou ik het al kopen.

  6. Ik zou zelf de Kiss The Frog proberen, ben wel beniewd nu welke kleur mijn lippen zullen krijgen

  7. ik heb deze producten ook ontvangen en die naam alleen al van de lipstick vind ik leuk

  8. Ik vind de Essence Holo Rainbow een heel mooi kleurtje. Ben ook wel benieuwd naar de Frog lipstick;)

  9. I don't really enjoy all the colours (too shiny or glittery I guess) the frog lipstick sounds amazing, though! I will keep that one in mind

  10. Wat een mooie producten! Ziet er allemaal exht goed uit.

  11. Het lippenstifje zou ik zelf wel kopen, zo cute! De metallic eyeliner ziet er ook nice uit, al zou ik hem in een andere kleur kopen!


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