Beauty News : How to look good during work

makeup for work

You recognize this?
During summer your skin looks perfect thanks to the sun.
But when you go back to work that nice glow is gone?

How do you do your makeup at work, how to keep the sunny glow during the year and how to wear makeup but still be classy at work?
You only need a few products for this, and I am showing you some Catrice products.

makeup for work
At first it is important to have nicely treated nails.
At this moment brown nail polish is taking over fashionworld and all the runways.
This nail polish by Catrice is from the 'Brown Collection' in the color 020, and it has a great coverage.
When you apply only one layer of this nail polish, you have enough coverage to have your classy nails.
What I also like about this nail polish, is that it is enriched with some natural oils to nourish your nails, and it has a nice satin finish.
This lovely Catrice polish stays onto your nails for an entire week!
Perfect for those busy workaholics among us.

This nail polish can be bought for € 2,99.

makeup for work

To maintain your sunny golden look from your holidays, you need a bronzer.
With this Sun Lover Glow Bronzing Powder in the color 010 you can hold on to summer, 
even during wintertime.
This silky soft bronzer has been baked and has light reflecting parts in it, so it will make your skin glow like never before!
This bronzer is suitable for every skintype and adds a sunny golden glow to your skin.

This bronzer can be bought for € 4,99.

makeup for work

This Prime and Fine Contouring Duo Stick is the first 2-in-1 product by Catrice.
You can use this stick to do your contouring with and also for your highlights.
With the darker color on this stick, you do your contouring.
The dark color adds dept to your face and creates shadows.
The light and shiny color can be used to highlight your face.
You use the highlight on whatever part of your face where you want to catch the light on (jawbones, cupid's bow, nose,....).
The creamy texture makes it very easy to apply and blend these colors.

This Prime and Fine Contouring Duo Stick can be bought for € 4,59.

makeup for work

For an ultime matte effect on your lips you can go for the Ultimate Matte Lipstick.
The color on the picture above is color 030.
 It is a classy red color that can be used by every type of person and skintype/skincolor.
The lipstick has a high coverage and is very easy to apply.
With only one swipe over your lips, your lips have all the product it needs to have a classy look.

This lipstick can be bought for € 3,99.

makeup for work

What makeup do you wear when you're going to work?
Would you try out one of these products?


  1. Op het werk alleen een vleugje mascara. Thats it :)

  2. oogschaduw, mascara, eyeliner, kohl potlood en lipstick. Ik bijt mijn nagels, bad habit, maar ja.

  3. Ik draag eigenlijk altijd vrij weinig make-up naar het werk. Alleen wat mascara, nagellak en soms lippenstift. De bruine nagellak lijkt me erg mooi!

  4. Nagellak is sowieso een must, lippenstift maakt 't af! Ik ben fan van donkere kleurtjes, helemaal nu de herfst weer begonnen is... leuk artikel!

  5. I never wear any make-up. Not at home, not at work : )

  6. Ik zorg altijd dat mijn nagels goed verzorgd zijn. Oo mijn gezicht heb ik een cc Cream of een lichte foundation op met poeder daarover heen. Mascara en een wenkbrauwpotlood kan natuurlijk ook niet ontbreken. Als ik echt energiek opsta dan wil ik ook wel eens een blush, eyeliner en lippenstift toevoegen.

  7. Ik draag alleen een eyeliner en mascara naar werk. De lippenstift is voor daaarna

  8. Ik heb eigenlijk altijd mijn standaard make up op en doe nooit echt gek. Soms als ik thuis zit bijvoorbeeld of geen zin heb ga ik lekker zonder make up. Ik doe vaak mijn wenkbrauwen, mascara en wat gezichtspoeder. Lippen doe ik niet zo graag. Leuk geschreven!

  9. When I still worked I started out with a full face but ended up wearing nothing at all to sleep late, oops!


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