Essence - Fall/Winter Lip Collection

Essence fall winter makeup

When July is over, the sales are also over.
But that means also there are a lot of new things coming into our favourite stores.
And guess what, Essence sent me a preview of what to expect in their new collection.
Every day I am showing you guys some newbies that are joining the Essence makeup assortiment.
Today I am going over the new lip products.

Essence fall winter makeup

Lips go WOW! lip art palette - € 3,59

This is a lip palette with cream-to-powder textures and matte effects.
You can use these colors as they are, or you can bend them and make your own customized lip color.

Want to do something really crazy?
Just apply your favourite lipstick and use some colors out of this palette to make a top coat for your lipstick.

This palette comes in 3 varieties.
The one shown above is 01- Show'em Your Style/

Essence fall winter makeup

Metal Shock Lip Paint - € 3,39

Metallic and glossy lips are so trendy right now.
These metallic lip paints are very shiny and feel very silky onto your lips.
These metallic lip paints will make your lips shine as never before!
I really liked the texture of this lip paint, and I will be buying more colors of this collection!

Essence fall winter makeup

The color you see here above is the color 04 - Mercury.

Essence fall winter makeup

Ultra last instant colour lipstick - € 2,39

Essence lipsticks always combine high coverage and great colors in one lipstick!
You will have extremely good coverage on your lips, without the lipstick feeling to heavy on your lips.
It feels like you're not wearing anything at all!
The formula of the lipstick is little bit creamy, so it doesn't dry our your lips.
I am an absolute fan!
I even found a lip pencil that goes with this new lipstick, take a look at my swatch down below.

Essence fall winter makeup

The lipstick I used here is Ultra Last Instant Colour Lipstick
in the color 05- SO UN - GREY - TFULL,
and the lip pencil is the soft contouring lipliner in the color 11 - Sucker for grey.

Essence fall winter makeup

Kiss the... Lipstick - € 1,99

One of my favourite lip products, are the 'Kiss the...' lipsticks.
These are lipsticks that come in a vibrant color, but they won't be as vibrant on your lips.
This lipstick reacts to the pH-value of your lips and make the lipstick turn into your own special color.
My 'Kiss The Frog' lipstick turned out soft pink and I really like it.

Essence fall winter makeup

Off course there is more coming but I only show the products I really tested out myself so keep an eye on the Essence counter.

What do you think about the new lip releases?
Which product is your favourite?


  1. I am so curious about these products! I guess the metallic lip paint is one I would really buy!


  2. De Kiss The Frog lipstick vind ik echt zo grappig!


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