Essence - Fall/Winter Face & Eyes Collection

Essence new makeup

When July is over, the sales are also over.
But that means also there are a lot of new things coming into our favourite stores.
And guess what, Essence sent me a preview of what to expect in their new collection.
Every day I am showing you guys some newbies that are joining the Essence makeup assortiment.
Today I am going over the new face and eye products.
Yesterday I reviewed the new lip products in this blogpost.

Essence concealer palette

Correct to perfect cc concealer palette - € 3,59

This color correcting concealer palette has 4 shades to cover up everything you don't want to be seen anymore.
So which color you use for what kind of problem?

Green concealer can be used to cover up redness.
Yellow concealer is perfect to hide purple ( like in dark circles) or bruises.
Purple/Blue can be used to hide unwanted yellow undertone of your skin.
When you have a pale skintone, please don't touch the orange concealer.
This one is perfect for darker skintypes to cover up spots or dark circles.

I really like working with these concealers, apart from the orange one, that one I will probably never use because it won't do anything on my skin that will make my skin look better.

Essence fresh fit primer

Fresh & Fit awake primer - € 3,59

This primer can be used alone, or under your foundation.
This light texture that also reflects light will make your skin look more even, smooth and fresh.
Plus point is, that is will also make your makeup last longer.
This primer contains vitamines and cranberry water, which gives it an amazing fragrance as well!

essence metal chrome blush

Metal Chrome Blush - € 2,99

This is a soft metallic blush that contains soft pigments in rosé gold, copper and bronze.
This blush gives your cheeks a soft metal glow that looks amazing.

essence metal chrome blush swatch

This metal chrome blush is available in 3 different shades, the on one the swatch above is
10 - My name is gold, rosé gold.

esssence prismatic hololighter

Prismatic hololighter stick - € 3,59

This is a handy highlighting stick with a cool undertone (YES! Finally).
this highlighter stick has a holographic finish on your skin and will make your skin look very healthy.
I absolutely love it!

Tip for you:
Be careful when using this, because my stick fell out of the tube because I was over enthusiastic. 
So be careful when you open this stick so the highlighter won't fall out ;)

essence prismatic hololighter stick swatch

The color used on this swatch is 10 - be unique be a unicorn

essence vibrant shock

 Vibrant Shock Lach & Brow Gel Mascara - € 2,89

This Gel-mascara can add color onto your lashes or your brows.
It has a metallic effect which is so cool!
I wasn't able to make a swatch picture with this one on my brows, because my camera wouldn't focus.
But believe me, this is a musthave if you like experimenting with color!

essence metal eyeshadow

Metal Shock Eyeshadow - € 3,59

Essence will be releasing some very high pigmented cream eyeshadows with a metallic finish.
I am absolutely sure when you use this eyeshadow, it will make your eyes pop!
I love the texture and love the colors, I will be getting myself some more of these when they are available in stores!

essence metal eyeshadow swatch

The color you can see in the swatch here above, is the color 04 - supernova.

essence superlast eyeliner

 Superlast eyeliner - € 2,89
Instant volume boost mascara (smudge proof and intense black) - € 2,99

And off course you can complete your look with some eyeliner and mascara.

What is your favourite eye and/or face product out of this list?


  1. Where was this orange pigment when I was looking for it, I ended up buying an expensive one from MUFE! It does wonders for my very dark undereyes.

  2. De primer en mascara zijn mijn favorieten!


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