Sleek - Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting Palette

Sleek highlighter palette review

As you might (or might not) know, I am a huge fan of highlighters.
I was really excited when the news reached me that Sleek released a new highlighting palette: Cleopatra's Kiss.
In this blogpost I will be comparing this palette with another one of my favourites: Sleek Solstice.
Keep reading to see the new Sleek beauty!

Sleek highlighter palette review

In the picture here above you can see both palettes, laying gorgeous next to each other.
Don't they look amazing?

Every Sleek highlighting palette is suitable for every skintone and skintypes.
Let's take a closer look at these two Sleek highlighting palettes.

Sleek solstice review

The first one that I am showing you, is the very known Sleek Solstice palette.
This palette contains one creamy highlighter, two baked powders and one extremely shimmery powder.
I am a huge fan of the baked highlighters in this palette.
Although, the pigmentation of every texture in this palette is simply amazing.
This palette really gives your skin a radiant and healthy glow.
It can be used on your face and body.
(swatches can be seen at the end of this blogpost)

sleek cleopatra's kiss revies

And here we have our Sleek's new baby: Cleopatra's Kiss.
This is Solstice new baby sister.
This Sleek palette contains two baked highlighters and two creamy ones.

This palette can be used onto your face and body to give it a luminous, golden glow.
Now let's compare this new pretty one with the known Solstice palette.

Sleek highlighter review

On the left side you can see swatches from the Sleek Solstice palette and on the right the new Cleopatra's Kiss palette.
As you can see Solstice is more pinkish and light, 
while Cleopatra's Kiss contains more golden and warm highlighters.

If you ask me to choose a favourite palette, I wouldn't be able to make a choice because I both love them.
They both are stunning and stay so good on your skin.

Knowing that these palettes only cost € 13,99 each, this really is a musthave in your makeup stash!
Get your palette here!

Which palette is your favourite out of these two?


  1. Wauw, Ik zou ook zeker niet kunnen kiezen. Al denk ik dat ik met het nieuwe palette beter zou staan doordat ik een iets getintere huid heb.
    Bedankt voor de swatches!


  2. Waaaauw deze palette zijn echt te mooi! <3

  3. Cleopatra's kiss is beautiful but too dark for me I think!


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