Essence 15 Years - Birthday Bash Berlin

Essence is turning 15 years this year, and that needs to be celebrated!
That was the main reason Essence threw a birthday bash party in Berlin.
I was there and I am going to show you guys everything you need to know about this birthday party in Berlin.

As mentioned above, the party took place in Berlin.
Not just any place in Berlin, but in the Tempodrom.
This is an event hall where several concerts and happening are organised.
I was really surprised Essence arranged this location, it looks stunning right?

In the Tempodrom itself there were performances by several artists, I wasn't able to take a camera with me so I don't have pictures of them.
But their shows were great to look at!

The event hall was decorated in a lot of pink.
Cushions, balloons, flags,.. 
Everything to throw a girly party was there!

At the event, there was also a 'Cosnova Lounge'.
This was the VIP lounge where all the bloggers could drink something, have a snack and just chill a little bit.
As you might know, Cosnova is the company behind the makeup creations of Essence and Catrice.
So that explains the name of this lounge.

 As my '+1' I took my boyfriend to the event to discover the world of blogging and makeup with me.
Here you see a picture of us, chilling in the Cosnova lounge and enjoying a curry snack.
It was delicious!

But now, the real highlight of this event for me: creating your custom made lipgloss.
I have waited for over 2 hours in line, but I made it to the 'laboratory'.
When you take a closer look at the picture here above, you can spot me and my boyfriend on the left.
Yes, my boyfriend even created a lipgloss for me (he's the best!).

An Essence co-worker is putting my custom made lip color into a lipgloss tube,
 it was so fascinating watching this proces!

And here I am, proud of my lipgloss!
I am holding the cup where I created my color in, and off course the finished product:
the 'Art,This is Art-lipgloss 'which I absolutely love!

At every good event, there is also a photobooth to make a lasting memory of your event.
I stood in the line for 10 minutes, and got a great Essence picture in return.

This picture really is a great reminder of an even greater event.
I really want to thank Essence for having me.

An off course there was a goodiebag, but that I will show you in a later blogpost.

What would your custom made lip color look like?


  1. So great you had this opportunity <3
    Looks like you had a blast!


  2. Omg it looks so cooool! And I don't know, probably something shiny and nude!

  3. Die zelfgemaakte lipgloss, zo tof! Ik zou waarschijnlijk voor nude roze gaan, haha :D


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