Vichy - Mineral 89 booster

Vichy mineral 89 

Vichy is known for their mineralized thermal water, 
but did you know they released a product that contains 89% of this special water?
And best part is, this special water is combined with hyaluronic acid and it contains only 11 ingredients in total, so this means there is less chance to a allergic reaction.
Let's discover this special product!

Vichy mineral 89

Vichy Mineral 89 is the first step in your skincare routine.
You can apply it twice a day (even on the eyes and lips!).
Gently massage it until the product is completely absorbed.
After applying this booster you continue with the usual steps of your skincare routine (serum, cream,...)
It is important that you apply this booster on a cleansed and dry skin.

Vichy mineral 89

So what are the results of this product?
You skin will appear fuller, smoother and healthier.
This product also improves the function of the skin barrier.
This barrier takes in all the aggresions that we face daily (uv, exhaust gases,....).
This product really is a booster for your skin, that will make your skin stronger.

Vichy mineral 89

Vichy Mineral 89 is now available for €24,95.

What do you think about this boosting product?
Will you try it out yourself?


  1. Sounds like a really cool product! I could use this kind of barrier, because I live in a city!

  2. Ik vind het echt een heerlijk product, doet zeker veel goeds voor m'n huid!


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