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collistar self tan

A lot of people will go on a holiday soon.
That's why I decided to make this week a week about traveling and the products you might need to get set for your holiday.
Today I am showing you some Collistar products.
Ready for take off?

collistar self tan

I got myself two essentials I always like to use before my holiday, and when I just arrived.
The first thing is a self tan, I have a porcelain skin myself and I don't like to start the holiday as white as I am.
That's why I use a self tan a week before I start traveling.

collistar self tan

These are the Collistar Magic drops.
With a few of these drops, a golden glow on your skin will apear like magic! That's why they are called the magic drops.
These drops will transform your sin as if you have been to the beach for a day.
It will give your skin a natural result, and Collistar assures us there will not be any stains.

Best part of all is, this self tan by Collistar also has an anti-age action that also hydrates your skin.
This selftan is lightly perfumed, but not overwhelming at all!
In my opinion, it just smells like summer :D

How to apply?

Evenly apply it on a cleansed and dry skin.
At first you won't see a color coming, but after an hour the first results are visible and your golden glow will start to appear.

collistar super bronzing water

This spray is really a lifesaver for me!
When I go on holiday I like to achieve a sunkissed tan and I really need some help with that.

This spray feels like a 'shower' on your skin.
A special shower that enhances the tanning procedure.
When spraying this shower onto your skin, it really feels refreshing and hydrating.
This spray neutralizes the drying out of you skin because of the sun and the aggresive salt in the wind and seawater.
This supertanning water by Collistar contains aloë milk that hydrates and nourishes your skin.

How to apply?

Just spray the product onto your body, face and hair. Be careful and avoid the eye area.
You can apply it as often as you like.
I like to apply it when I want to feel refreshed in the sun.

These are my two favourite products to enhance my tan, 
what are your favourite products?


  1. I'm such a noob when it comes to tanning! I just bought a self tan to use before I leave for my holiday, and I've been using a body lotion with a little tint!


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