Starck Paris - New Niche Perfumes

Philippe Starck is not an unknown name when it comes to temporary designs (objects, furniture,...);
But now Philippe Starck also launched his own design perfume line.
And I am glad to present you one of his scents.

Starck Paris Peau de

For Philippe Starck lanching his own perfume isn't the first relation he has with perfume.
In 2010 he created a limited edition bottle for the brand Nina Ricci.
He redesigned the iconic and classical bottle from L'Air du Temps.
He got some experience, and is now entering the perfume world himself.

Starck Paris Peau de

Starck is also different then other players in the perfume industry.
he doesn't want to reveal perfume ingredients or notes, but he wants us to feel an emotion with his perfumes.
It is all about 'living' his fragrances and all is up to your own imagination.
Starck offers us a description of his fragrances that leave our imagination up to interpretation.

Starck Paris Peau de
In this picture yo can see a part of the olfactory design according to Philippe Starck, I'll tell you more about this a few alineas later ;)

I got myself Peau de Soie by Starck Paris.
Philippe Starcks description for this perfume is:

" Ingredients, a few clues: cardinal points; unexpected slants; male/female duos that attract and respond to each other; a game of seduction in which ancient and modern raw materials and animal, woody and vegetable notes find a balance. Peau de Soie is a paradox, a perfume whose femininity wraps around a man’s heart. A perfume that adheres and reveals the space between, between the surface and the core, where female mystery is evoked."

To me Starck Paris Peau de Soie was really a floral fragrance, especially in the top notes.
But the base notes were more warm notes.

Starck Paris Peau de
Other fragrances designed by Phillipe Starck are:
Peau d'Ailleurs (right one) - this one is more an aquatic, marine fragrance
Peau de Pierre (middle one) - this is a more masculin fragrance (unisex?)

As you can see there is a design in the bottle and it fits the other perfumes.
This is Philippe Starcks olfactory interpretation of a fragrance, pretty cool right!

Starck Paris perfumes are available online and in a select amount of perfumery as this is a niche perfume.
Starck Paris is available in 40ml and 100ml.

Are you curious to try these newbies out?


  1. Oh dat is wel fancy! Ik ken die idd vooral uit de interieurwereld, ben benieuwd of zijn parfum even interessant is :D

    Love, Turn it inside out

  2. Wow die verpakking ziet er echt prachtig uit, echt chique!

  3. Looks so fancy! Probably smells amazing too!


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