Givenchy - Noir Interdit Mascara and Base Perfecto

Last month, I was invited to a Soiree hosted by Givenchy Makeup.
I was there with some other Belgian Beauty Influencers and we got to discover some newbies in the Givenchy makeup range.
I am so proud to present you Givenchy mascara Noir Interdit and the Base Mascara Perfecto.

Givenchy Base perfecto

Pink always has been one of the signature colors at the Givenchy House.
Givenchy just sees 'La vie en Rose'.
Givenchy now adds a surprise to their pink collection (Teint Couture Compact, Blush Mémoire,...).

The Base Mascara Perfecto is the alter ego of the Rouge Perfecto for the lashes.
This is a mascara base with a pink texture. It offers your lashes instant volume but also takes care of your lashes.
That's why you can use this mascara during daytime as a mascara base, but also during nighttime as a nourishing mask for your lashes.

Givenchy Base perfecto

Special about this Mascara Base Perfecto is, that the brush contains some cotton.
The black hairs in the brush divide your lashes and wrap them with product one by one.
The white hairs are made out of natural cotton.
The cotton in this brush makes it very pleasant and soft to apply this mascara base.

As I said before, this mascara can be used during daytime AND nighttime.
It provides your lashes from extra comfort.

givenchy noir interdit

 Another newbie in the Givenchy makeup range is a new mascara: Noir Interdit.

This mascara is the first Givenchy mascara that has a brush that is pliable in an angle of 90°.
This angle makes it extra comfortable to apply this mascara, 
it contains brand new black pigments to give your lashes an ultra black effect and that make your lashes extra long and bulky.
This is really an extension effect that will simply amaze you!

givenchy noir interdit

 The packaging of the Noir Interdit mascara is a musthave for every beauty lover.
Its packaging is inspired on the lipsticks Rouge Interdit and Rouge Interdit Vinyl.

The mascara brush is slightly bend, that way it is perfect to follow the shape of your lashes and it really diffuses the mascara from root to top.

givenchy noir interdit

As I said this brush can be hold in an angle of 90°.
When you apply your mascara with the brush in this position, the application really starts from the roots of your eyelashes.
Within the first layer your lashes get longer and bulky.

Givenchy Mascara Base Perfecto - € 33,00
Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara - € 35,00

What do you think about these new innovative products by Givenchy?
Will you try them out yourself?


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