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Got2B Fresh&Fabulous

Busy, busy, busy... That's how our lives are going these days.
That's why it comes in handy to have a dry shampoo with you. 
You never know where you have to go late in the evening and your hair needs a refreshment.
Schwarzkopf created new Got2B Fresh & Fabulous dry shampoo to style and refresh your hair.

Got2B Fresh&Fabulous

Got2B Fresh&Fabulous - Volume

I really love this dry shampoo!
Myself, I have straight hare that is absolutely impossible to style and keep the volume.
That's where this shampoo comes in handy.
I like using this in the morning and in the evening my volume is still there!
This dry shampoo has a tropical scent, really nice to carry some summer in your hair.

Got2Be Fresh&Fabulous

Got2B Fresh&Fabulous - Extra Fresh

This edition of the Schwarzkopf dry shampoo refreshes your hair in a flash.
This dry shampoo doesn't leave the typical white leftovers.
For me that is no problem (because I have blonde hair), but my mum has dark brown hair and she used this dry shampoo too and she was extremely happy with the result.
This perfume has stays long and is very vivid and a joy to have in your hair.

Got2Be Fresh&Fabulous

This amazing line doesn't only provide a nice scent, but also helps you with your daily styling.
Creating a volume boost, cover your outgrow,...
There is a Fresh & Fabulous for everyone.
And best part of all is, there are no white leftovers, not even on dark hair (I tried it on my mum :D).

These  Schwarzkopf Got2B dry shampoo is available in your local supermarket and drug store.
It is sold for € 5,49 for 200 ml.


  1. Got2Be heeft altijd fijne productjes! Deze heb ik nog niet geprobeerd maar ben wel benieuwd.

  2. Love your blog!! The reviews are useful!


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