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Catrice Shoplog

As you guys know, I normally post a new blogpost on Wednesdays and Sundays.
I know today is Monday and I am posting.


Because I got this amazing package by Catrice and I was too excited to not share it with you.
This package contains everything you need to create the perfect spring look!
And best of all, it is budget proof!
So here we go.

Catrice Shoplog

The first thing I got myself really is a makeup essential.
A nice foundation that offers you the perfect coverage without being too cakey.
Nude Illusion foundation by Catrice is a matte foundation but still gives a natural effect to your skin.
This foundation has an UVA and UVB filter so you're also protected while wearing this foundation.

Catrice nude illusion foundation

As you can see on this picture, I applied the foundation to the right half of my face.
It is the perfect color for me (010) and makes my skin looks even and flawless.
I really think this foundation looks natural and it doesn't feel too dry on my skin.

Catrice lumiere eyeshadow

Next product I got is also an essential for me: some nice eyeshadow.
As some of you might know, I have extremely blue eyes.
To make them pop I like to use some more vivid colors (not only black and brown).

In the Catrice range this Lumière eyeshadow really caught my eye.
Tt is not green, not blue, not ..., it is just perfect.
It is such an amazingly gorgeous color so I had to have it.

Catrice Shoplog

When using eyeshadow I also like to use a kohl pencil that matches the eyeshadow.
For this look I got myself a kohl kajal by Catrice in a 'brownish' shade.
Another must-have for me is a highlighter pen. 
This highlighter pen really is (as its name says) made to stay.
I like using this highlighter pen as an eyeshadow as well.
You should really try it, it is beautiful.

Catrice Shoplog

On my arm here you can see swatches from the 3 upper products:
Lumière eyeshadow, highlighter pen and the kohl kajal.

Catrice lip smoother

Of course a look isn't complete without doing your lips.
I will show you 2 different kinds of lip products.

First up is this beautifying lip smoother.
It is a balm with a soft touch of color that really makes your lips pop out makes them glossy.

Catrice lip smoother

The applicator is a sponge applicator.
You just squeeze softly on the tube and then you see the product popping up and it is ready to use.

Catrice lip smoother

Here you can see a swatch of the beautifying lip smoother on my lips.
It doesn't feel sticky at all so it is really nice to wear.

Catrice lip dresser

Next up is the Catrice Lip Dresser Shine Stylo.
As the name tells us, this is a stylo to put on your lips.
This product has more coverage than the lip smoother mentioned mentioned above.

As you can see I got myself color 040, which is a beautiful pink/red color.

Catrice lip dresser

This lip product is a stylo.
At the back of this pencil, there is a small button you can push so the lipstick comes out.
Do not overly push that button because the lipstick can't be inserted again.
Once it is out, it stays out.

catrice lip dresser

Here you can see me wearing the lip dresser shine stylo by Catrice.

Catrice gel lacquer

To finish the look I got myself some nail polishes in the same color as the lipstick.
Your nails alays are the finishing touch to complete a look so this is also a must-have when you go shopping for a complete makeup look.
The left nail polish is a gel lacquer that can be used without a lamp.

Catrice Nude Illusion Foundation - € 7,59
Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen - € 3,89
Catrice Lumière Eyeshadow - € 3,99
Catrice Kohl Kajal - € 1,99
Catrice Beautifying Lip Smoother- € 3,59
Catrice Lip Dresser - € 4,99
Catrice Gel Lacquer - € 2,99
Catrice Soft Blossom Nail Polish - € 2,99

What are your Catrice favourites?


  1. Oh I love this brand! I have a foundation that is my go to when I go out at night!

  2. De foundations van Catrice vind ik ook altijd fijn, net als de primers!


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