La Roche Posay - Eau Micellaire Ultra

 A cleansing water that contains no parabens, no alcohol, no dye and no soap.
A cleansing water that removes makeup, dirt and pollutant particals in just one wipe?
That's what this new Eau Micellair by La Roche Posay is.
Discover everything about it in this new blogpost.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

As some of you might have seen on my Instagram Stories, 
I have gotten this Eau Micellaire Ultra by La Roche Posay last week.
I posted an unboxing video on my Instagram because I had to try it out before writing this blogpost.
But is was too excited so I had to share that video.

I never tried something by La Roche Posay before so I was really curious about this product.
I got a 750 ml bottle of this product, which really surprised me as this really is a huge bottle.
But hey, that means there's more product to love!

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

When women cleanse their face, they want two things:
- remove makeup
- deep cleaning
But when we pursue these effects, often our skin gets irritated, especially when you have a sensitive skin like me.
That's why La Roche Posay created a new cleansing tool for those women who suffer from irritation.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

Facial cleansers that remove visible makeup and impurities often do not go far enough.
After all, there still are small pollutant particles on the skin that we pick up in our daily life.
These particles provide stress to our skin and irritation.
So we really need a good clenaser that removes makeup, impurities AND those particles.
And that's where La Roche Posay steps in.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

This micellar water by La Roche Posay removes makeup, pollution particles and dirt on your skin.
But that's not all.
It also soothes and hydrated your skin.
This product soothes your skin thanks to a legendary ingredient that is used in each product of La Roche Posay: Thermal Water.
It hydrated you skin thanks to the ingredient called glycerin.

How to use La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra?

It is very easy, just take a cotton pad and put some product on it.
Gently wipe it onto the area you want to clean and you're done.
You can use this product on face, eyes and lips.
A real all-in-one product.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra

I really enjoyed using this product. 
A plus for me is that La Roche Posay uses the minimal amount of plastic into their packaging.
By having such a large bottle (750 ml) this really feels more ecologic to me.
I really liked the effect of this product, my skin felt very soft after cleansing and I did not have that typical itchy feeling as usual.
I really noticed the hydrating effect of this cleansing water.

This micellar water is available for all different skintypes, but I really was happy they have given me one for a sensitive skin.
There are also different sizes available when you don't feel like getting such a big bottle.

La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra 200 ml - € 13,50
La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra 400 ml - € 16,50
La Roche Posay Eau Micellaire Ultra 750 ml - € 20,90

La Roche Posay is sold by your local pharmacy and selected La Roche Posay distributors.
You can find your own La Roche Posay selling point on their website.

How do you feel about using a cleansing water?
Have you tried out La Roche Posay products before?


  1. Dit is echt zo'n heerlijk watertje, ik gebruik het iedere dag!

  2. Oh this seems like a great cleansing water, I have used Avène and Bioderma before!

  3. Ik vind La Roche posay wel een goed merk! Het micellaire water van hun heb ik nog niet geprobeerd, voor mij zijn al die micellaire waters hetzelfde haha, ik merk daar precies geen verschil in

    Love, Turn it inside out

  4. Any La roche posay product pleases me everytime: the quality is always top notch. x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx


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