Biotherm - Blue Therapy Multi-Defender

Most signs of skin aging are caused by external influences.
A lot of creams protect our skin only for 25% of these influences.
But now we have a multi-defender created by Biotherm.
Meet Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20

Biotherm created a unique formula of unknown protection en a visible improvement of the aging of our skin.
The best part of this new formula, is that it gives your skin a complete protection.
Biotherm Bleu Therpay Multi-Defender protects your skin from UVB, UVA and  pollution.

A big plus for me is that this product contains an SPF 25.
This means your skin will be protected from damage caused because of the sun.
Remember you should put new SPF on every 2 hours to stay protected.

Because of the known Algae of Youth complex (that Biotherm uses often in their Blue Therapy products) visible signs of aging will be improved.

So what are the visible signs that this cream improves?
Well those signs are: dark spots, deep wrinkles and a lack of  firmness.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20

There are two textures available of the new Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender. 
One for a dry skintype and one for normal/combination skintype.

I have the norma/combination skintype here.
And the texture is amazing.
It feels like a fresh and smooth cream.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20

You can use this cream daily after cleansing.
You can use this cream also on your neck, but you really should avoid the area around your eyes.

If you would like to use a cream around your eyes, you can always use Biotherm Blue Therapy Eyes.

Biotherm  Blue Therapy Multi-Defender SPF20 50ml  -  € 59,95

How do you feel about daycreams with SPF?


  1. I always wonder what good they do if you put on makeup because you can't apply more afterwards!

  2. Biotherm is my favourite! Good quality and my skin love it!

  3. Oh lijkt me wel een fijne creme! Spf is altijd een pluspunt vind ik!

  4. Ik vind een SPF echt wel een must in je verzorging!


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