Beauty News : Why using primers?

I see it often, a lot of inspirational makeup guru's using primers.
But then I wonder, why should I use a primer?
Well, let me give you a short list with some reasons.

Why using primers

1. A primer fixates your foundation

A primer is forms a base where you can apply your foundation onto.
The primer makes sure your foundation will adhere itself better on your skin so your foundation  will look flawless during the entire day.

2. A primer reduces pores, wrinkles and imperfections

When you have a oily or combination skin, often your pores are shown when you apply foundation.
But not when you use a primer.
A primer gives a 'filling' layer that will avoid that your foundation runs into your pores or wrinkles.
When you use a primer, your skin immediately look smoother so your imperfections are less visible.

Why using primers

3. A primer reflects light

Because a primer makes your skin even and smooth, the light will be reflected even better.
It will look like your skin glows.
Because of this glow fine lines and wrinkles aren't so visible anymore.

4. A primer has a colour correction effect

There are a lot of primers out there, also primers with a colour correction effect.
Myself, I use a green primer to hide the redness my skin naturally has.

Why using primers

5. A primer has a mattifying effect

For an oily or combination skin this really is a musthave.
A lot of primers have a mattifying effect so your skin won't get shiny during the day.

Do you have a favourite primer?
I showcased my favourites in the pictures above.


  1. Primers zijn echt heel fijn en hebben echt toegevoegde waarde! En die in dit artikel zijn ook nog eens heel mooi :D

  2. Ik vind light reflecting primers die een glow geven het leukst!

  3. Ik hou vooral van hydraterende primers met lichtreflecterende deeltjes!


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