Sisley - Huile Affinante and Creme Reparatrice Corps

 Sisley Huile affinante

Huile Affinante

Have you ever felt like your legs were to heavy to carry?
Your legs carry your body and are put to the test daily. 
To solve this problem Sisley created Huile Affinante au Gingembre Blanc.

Sisley Huile affinante

What does it do?

Huile Affinante has a quadruple effect:

1) draining effect
Huile Affinante fights clogged tissues, so your legs will feel lighter.
2) remodelling effect
Huile Affinante limites the accumulation of fat and promotes its breaking.
3) stimulating effect
Essenstial oils give the skin more firmness and a nice tone.
4) sublimating effect 
Different oils like macadamia oil make your skin flexible, comfortable and velvety soft.

How to use?

Huile Affinante works best when you apply it with a massage onto your legs.
 Always start at your feet and make your way upwards to your knees.

Extra tip: this oil can even be applied over your nylons


Immediately the uncomfortable feeling of your legs will be calmed down.
Your legs will feel lighter and your skin will feel nourrished, softer and visible prettier.

Huile Affinante au Gingembre Blanc - € 137,00 (Available in March)

Sisley Creme reparatrice corps

Creme Reparatrice Corps

In 2003 Sisley launched their Creme Reparatrice for the body.
Now, 14 years later, a new formula has been launched of this amazing product.

What's new?

From now on this product really is a complete care for your body.
The product is enriched with a cocktail of moisturizing ingredients for an even better efficiency.

What does it do?

Creme Reparatrice:

- repairs, nourishes and protects the skin.
- reinforces the hydration mechanism of the skin so your skin is intensly hydrated for a long time.

How to use?

You can apply Creme Reparatrice daily or once in a while, depending on the needs of your body.
This product is also great to use as an after sun because of its hydrating action.


Your skin feels very comfortable, your skni is deeply hydrated and refreshed.

Creme Reparatrice Corps - € 122,50 (Available in March)

What do you think about these new Sisley products?
Are you curious to try one out?


  1. Ik ben echt heel benieuwd naar het drainerende effect van de Huile Affinante, misschien helpt het wel wat met mijn lipoedeem!

  2. Both products seem really great! I would think twice before buying though because it is a little over my usual budget!

  3. Very nice products....I love this brand but what about ingredients ? Can you add pics of their full ingredients list please ?

    1. I think you can search the ingredients on the sisley website. I don't have a full list since these pictures were taken at a blog event organized by sisley at their headquarter. I am so sorry.

      Lots of love,


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