Mon Guerlain - Perfume Review

Mon Guerlain perfume review

Finally the time has come, Guerlain is launching a complete new fragrance in addition to the Guerlain fragrances.
Meet the new Mon Guerlain.

Mon Guerlain perfume review

I was so lucky that I could go to a launch party organized by Guerlain to introduce this fragrance to beauty consulents.
The party was amazing, but so is this perfume and the story behind it.

Mon Guerlain perfume review

Guerlain Parfumeur, the French beauty brand since 1828, is honored to announce that Angelina Jolie is the icon of its new fragrance for women. 

 The partnership between Angelina and Guerlain was agreed in Cambodia in December 2015, where she was directing her film First They Killed My Father.
Angelina Jolie was hard to convince to do this campaign for Guerlain.
BUT Guerlain wouldn't be Guerlain if they convinced her in a special way.

Angelina had been searching a powder by Guerlain that her mother used to have for quite some time, sadly the powder was discontinued.
Guerlain recreated that powder for Angelina Jolie to bring back her memories and she agreed to do this campaign.
 Jolie has donated her entire salary from the Guerlain campaign to charity.

Mon Guerlain perfume review

Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, drew his inspiration from Angelina Jolie to create a fragrance expressing the idea of the “notes of a woman”: the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity.

Mon Guerlain is an eau de parfum.
The perfume opens with some notes of Bergamot, that goves a lot of freshness to this perfume.
In Mon Guerlain you can find the freshness of Carla lavender, an exceptional variety grown in Provence, provides a contract with the voluptuousness of Sambac Jasmine from India.
But also some Australian Sandalwood and sensual Vanilla can be found in this perfume.

Mon Guerlain is an oriental woody fragrance with a touch of freshness.

Mon Guerlain perfume review

Some of you might recognize the shape of the bottle used for Mon Guerlain.
And you're correct.
This bottle was also used with the iconic Guerlain perfume 'Jicky'.
This is the Quadrilobé bottle, a real icon.

When putting the bottle up and staring to the upside, we can recognize a clover.
So this is a gorgeous bottle that just might bring you all the luck you need in life.

Mon Guerlain perfume review

Mon Guerlain will be available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml.
In addition to this line there will be a shower gel and a bodylotion with the Mon Guerlain fragrance as well.

Mon Guerlain can be found in stores from March 1st 2017.
Are you ready to discover this new Guerlain fragrance?

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  1. Ik ben sowieso al fan van de geuren van Guerlain maar naar deze ben ik extra benieuwd, I love bergamot!

  2. I think I will love this scent if I read the discription!

  3. Ooh ik heb net een nieuwe parfum nodig, ik heb de mijne laten vallen vandaag! #FML


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