Lancome - La rose à Poudrer

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

It was launched as THE makeup musthave of 2017, and the year just started!
 But when I saw this product, I knew I had to have it.
Meet the limited edition Lancome La Blush à Poudrer.

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

This is not a review of this product, because there are plenty reviews on this highlighter/blush to be found on the net.
But this is just a post to show you this pretty thing I got myself.
I am so in love!

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

The packaging disappointed me a little, the box really looks so cheap.
It feels very light and is just made in cardboard.

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

But then, when you open the cheap box.. wooaaaaw!
Such an amazing flower with the blush/highlighting powder all over it.
It is pretty on a picture, but imagine yourself holding this pretty lady in your hands and seeing it in real life.
I almost felt the happy tears coming! :)

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

I really am so happy with this purchase.
Normally this product could be bought for €75,00.
I went with my boyfriend on a citytrip in Barcelona so I started searching this product everywhere.
But I didn't got lucky.

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

After searching every El Corte Inglés and searching the entire net,
 I had no choice but to buy it on Ebay.
And yes, I also had to pay more because sellers are taking advantage of my beauty weakness and since this is a limted edition product the prices are way too high.
But I just had to have this, so I bought a present for myself.

I just checked Ebay for you, my readers, and the prices vary a lot.
Some sellers offer this product for €90,00 and others are selling it for €150,00.
Please do some research before buying it impulsively and take the best offer!

Lancome La rose à Poudrer

In the picture above you can see a swatch of the Lancome La rose à poudrer.
The pay off isn't great.

Is this product worth €75,00 or more?
When you buy it for the blush/highlight itself, no it is not worth its price.
When you buy it for beauty of it, yes it is soooo worth its price!

So you kinda need to make up your own mind of you want to spend so much money on a pretty product knowing the quality isn't great.
I am happy I got myself this product and it will absolutely take its place on my 'showcase shelf'.

Would you spend €75,00 (or more) on this product?

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  1. I would never buy makeup that costs that much but isn't amazing. I'd rather buy a new perfume or eyeshadow palette I think! :D

  2. Wat een prachtig product! Ik zou het geld er waarschijnlijk nooit aan kunnen geven omdat ik make-up echt als gebruiksvoorwerp zie maar het is wel een plaatje, ik snap wel dat veel mensen er fan van zijn.


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