Armani Code Homme Colonia Review

Armani Code Colonia review

We all know Armani Code and probably Armani Code Profumo, 
perfumes that are made to seduce women and add some mystery to your outfit.

But what do you wear the day after or when you allready seduced your lady?
Meet the new Armani Code Colonia.
The perfect gift for Valentine's day.

Armani Code Colonia review

The Armani Code bottle is inspired on the smokings deigned by Giorgio Armani, 
The 'Cumberband' used in the bottle refers to Hollywood, men used to wear it with their smokings so this bottle inspired on a smoking also needed to have a Cumberband.

I absolutely love the simplicity of this bottle and the story behind it.

Armani Code Colonia review

The ingredients used in this perfume are lavender, bergamot and like in every Armani Code perfume some tonka bean in the base of the perfume.
The top notes of Armani Code Colonia are enhanced for even more freshness.
The aromatic heart of this perfume is sparkling and remaining because of the use of fresh herbs.
And the wood notes in this perfume are fresher, lighter and more vibrant.

This perfume is relaxed, cool and charming.

This Armani Code Colonia is a really fresh perfume (because of the bergamot) with a little twist.
I absolutely love this scent and I will make my boyfriend use it.

Armani Code Colonia 75 ml - € 75,00

What do you think about this perfume?
Have you tried any of the other Armani Code fragrances?


  1. My brother has one of the Armani Code scents and it smells so good! Too bad I don't have a boyfriend to buy perfume for :(

  2. Oeeh is er een nieuwe! Daar ben ik benieuwd naar want die andere was echt zo goed!

    Love, Turn it inside out

  3. Ik vind de Armani Code's voor mannen echt heerlijk dus ik ben benieuwd naar deze!


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