Beauty News : What to expect in beauty world for 2017?

beautytrends in 2017

Welcome 2017, I've been waiting for you to come around.
But what I always wonder when a new year starts, is what I can expect.
So I was asking myself, what will the beautytrends be in 2017?

As some of you might know, I work in a perfume shop.
So a lot of changes in beautyworld are visible for me.
So here I am with the 5 beautytrends for 2017.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 1: purse perfume and refill bottles

More and more clients asked me lately for small versions of their perfume so they can take them with them easily.

More and more people are also engaging theirselves for a better world.
We can make the world a better place, even by doing small things.
Maybe a refill bottle will cost you more when you buy it, 
but after soùe refills the difference is paid back and the world gets (a little) better thanks to you.

That's why a lot of brands are making refill products for their perfume, skincare and makeup (Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Lancome,...).

beautytrends in 2017
Fun fact: This was actually the first picture I took for this blog, hooray!

Trend 2 : New Textures

2017 will be the year of new textures in foundations and skincare.
We have to thank K-Beauty, a Korean lab that innovates and discovers new textures.
The most famous texture they created are the BB-creams.
But for 2017 we have:
jelly masks, serum-in-oil, oils-in-serum, cushion foundation, uv mist sprays and sheet masks.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 3 : Your own unique scent

We all want to be unique, and that's also where 2017 is about.
Having a signature scent is a must for this year.

A nice tip: You can also make your own signature scent by mixing some scented products like a specific body oil and a perfume.
When you spray your perfume after putting a body oil, a whole now range of scent notes will arise.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 4 : Individual beauty

There is a whole lot to experiment in this new year and the emphasis is on the individual beauty.
From palettes made of a range of 15 colors to a pecils that create a flawless skin, everything is possible!

We also have good news: the pigmentation of the colors always gets better because of the advanced technology used in makeup products.

beautytrends in 2017

Trend 5 : authentic and handmade

We like the idea that our skincare, fragrances and makeup are made on a low scale with all the attention and knowledge that is needed for one specific product.

Handmade products that are authentic always are one step ahead of the rest.
These products get a lot of attention in 2017 because we also like to feel like a pro a little ourselves at home.

What do you think about these new trends for 2017?
Have you discovered any changes in beautyworld?


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