Filorga - Nutri Filler Lips Review

Every girl knows the hype, we all want gorgeous plumped lips but we don't want to suffer any pain to get them.
Do we need to forget about those fillers and forget the bottle cap to plump your lips?
Meet the new Nutri Filler Lips by Filorga, a nutri-plumping lip balm.

As always Filorga used some very simple packaging for their new product, a black box with the information you want to see on a box written on it.
Nothing less, nothing more.

The packaging is also very simple, a white tube with a silver button on it and a black applicator.

Filorga Nutri Filler lips promises a triple action;

1) to feed and repare your lips
2) to make the lips fuller and smoother
3) revitalizes the lips and make them glow

Filorga also promises that your lips will feel repared, enhanced and repulped after only one single use!

Off course I was curious and I wanted to test this product out.

In the first picture you can see I have very dry lips.
Perfect to test if this Nutri Filler Lips by Filorga restores and nourished your lips.

In the last picture you can see my lips after only one single use of this product.
My lips felt hydrated, nourished and they even felt plumped (not that I need any pluming in my opinion)

Overall, I was satisfied with the results this products had after only one use.
Will this product be as good as lipfillers? 
No I don't think so.

This products does a very subtle plumping on the lips so I don't think that people who consider fillers will be satisfied with this product.

But even when you already have fillers (or dry lips like me), this product is awesome to keep your lips soft during the winter.

Filorga Nutri Filler Lips - € 24,90

How do you feel about your lips?
Have you considered getting fillers?


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