Hermès - collection colognes coffret 3 soaps

Hermes collection oolognes review

Today I am showing you guys a look in my recent addition to my perfume collection: Hermès collection colognes, a box filled with 3 soaps and I choose 3 different fragrances for it.

Hermes collection oolognes review

The box is made of pure Hermès quality. A solid box with very eye-catching colors.
I love it already!

Hermes collection oolognes review

For my box, I choose 3 different fragrances by Hermès because I like to switch between scents once in a while.

You can choose the fragrances yourself when you decide to put a box together.

The fragrances I choose for my box:

Yellow soap - Eau de Néroli doré
A very floral, spicy fragrance with a fresh touch.

Tuquoise soap - eau d'orange verte
A woody, minty and fresh scent with a touch of saffron.

Red soap - Eau de rhubarbe écarlate
The latest addition to the Hermès colognes family.
A fruity, vivid and fresh cologne with a touch of musc.

Hermes collection oolognes review

You can order your own set of soaps on the Hermes website.
There even is an option to choose your own fragrances and the packaging of it.
Be sure to check it out!

Hermes - Collection Colognes coffret 3 soaps - € 57,00

Have you ever tried any of the Hermès colognes?
Would you like to try out these soaps by Hermès?

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  1. Such a cute and adorable packaging. Happy new week, girl.

  2. Very lovely! I like this so much.

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