Dimensions de Chanel - newest Chanel mascara

Dimensions de Chanel review

If you want to work on you appearance, you have to start with your eyes.
And off course a mascara is a musthave product.
Chanel launched a new mascara recently: Dimensions de Chanel.
I got the honor to try out a mini version of this mascara, and I want to share my thoughts with you.

Dimensions de Chanel review

A mascara is a beautyproduct you just need in your collection.
It gives you an open look that is slightly sensual and powerfull.
But as you all know, not all mascaras are the same. 
We have to invest some time in finding the right one that works best for our lashes.

Dimensions de Chanel review

Dimensions de Chanel is recently launched as I said before and the model for this makeup product is Kirsten Stewart, that we know best for her role in Twilight.

There are 4 kind of visuals of her, I am only showing you two of them.
In each visual she is wearing  Dimensions de Chanel mascara

Dimensions de Chanel review

Dimensions de Chanel is a mascara that adds an extra dimension to your lashes (duuh!).
It gives the lashes more length, volume, curl and provides us from  the 'cat-eye' look.

Dimensions de Chanel review

Here you can see the effect Dimensions de Chanel has on my lashes. 
As you can see lenght, curl and volume were added.
I absolutely am a fan of Dimensions de Chanel!

Dimensions de Chanel 10 noir - € 33,00

What do you think about the effect this mascara gives?
Will you try Dimensions de Chanel?

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  1. Mooi effect! Je krijgt in ieder geval wel waar voor je geld, 33 euro gaat mij nog een beetje te ver maar Chanel heeft wel extremere prijzen, dus dit viel me nog mee ;)
    Mooie foto's heb je ook geschoten op die tijdschriften, leuk idee!

  2. Ik vind jouw reviews erg leuk en duidelijk! Wat hebben je wimpers een goed volume!

    x Karen

  3. Amazing efect!


  4. Ik heb deze ook vroeger gehad en vond hem ook enorm fijn!

    1. Ik denk dat je misschien een andere gehad hebt want dit is een recente lancering van Chanel :D
      Maar ze hebben inderdaad zeer fijne mascara's :D


  5. I like the effect you show her so much that I must try it out :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. It looks like a good mascara. I have this fantasy of buying a Chanel mascara, but I am always wealthy in my fantasies. Lol.

  7. Oh, I LOVE CHANEL! My fave for sure! I need the mascara in my life!

    Happy Weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  8. WOW!! That mascara looks incredible!! Would love to try it!


    Seize your Style

  9. Mooi effect! Ik gebruik graag hun Le Volume, benieuwd of ik deze ook zo goed ga vinden.


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