Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Mascara

Today I am writing my blogpost about one (or should I say two :D) of my favourite mascarss:
Helena Rubinstein.

Helena Rubinstein was THE mascara brand back in the days.
Did you know that they launched the wold's first waterproof mascara?
 They made if for a water ballet  event in New York on a international exhibition.

The brand did great at that exhibition and women started wearing mascara and no longer had to worry that it would run out.
Waterproof mascara became a musthave for every woman.

Helena Rubinstein is still very known for their awesome mascaras. 
Let's take a look at my two favourite ones.

Today I am showing you two mascaras by Helena Rubinstein:

Left: Lash Queen Perect Blacks mascara.
This mascara ads more volume and definition to your lashes.
Your mashes won't get hard but still stay very supple.
I absolutely love this mascara for all my evening looks.

Right: Lash Queen Feline Blacks
This mascara ads intens volume and length to your lashes.
This is one of the best selling mascaras from Helena Rubinstein.
This mascara I use for my everyday looks.

On the picture above you can see the mascara that I like to use for my everyday looks.
It ads lengts and the volume like I want.

On this swatch you can see the mascara I like to wear for my evening looks.
It ads more volume than the other mascara and it doesn't smudge, perfect for a night out.

These mascaras are available for €30,15 and can be bought online or in your local perfumery.

Which one is your favourite mascara?
Will you try these out?

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  1. Die met het luipaard printje heb ik ook goed gehad! Misschien moet ik hem nog wel eens opnieuw kopen. Stiekem hoop ik dat Helena Rubinstein snel nog eens een vernieuwde versie op de markt brengt.

    x Karen

  2. Love the mascara! It looks great and i love the packaging too!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. It looks awesome mascara :) ur eyes looks wonderful/


  4. That mascara sounds fab.


  5. I am always open to trying new mascara, thanks for the heads up on this!


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