Sisley - Phyto-touche illusion d'été

Spring is already in town so we all want to look great.
Unfortunately the sun wasn't around long enough to give ourself a sunkissed look.
And that is where this products joins us.
I will be showing you the phyto-touche illusion d'été from Sisley.

Illusion d'été means that we want to give others the illusion that we had enough sun during springtime and give ourselfs a sunkissed glow on the skin.

This powder from Sisley is an ultra-gentle bronzing powder that glides on the skin very easily.
It give a natural sunkissed complexion to everyone with a pale skin tone,
and it gives an illuminated skin to the people with tanned skin.
This powder is so light, that it feels like a secons skin.

The powder only is made in one color, but it is an universal powder.
It can be used during the entire year to give ourself a 'sunglow' and can be used for every skintone.

On the swatch above, I have applied the powder two times (to make it visible for the picture).
As you can tell, the powder gives a light coverage.
I absolutely adore it!

The powder is also enriched with the extracts of Gardenia, Mallow and Linden Blossom.
As we al know, Sisley only uses herbal extracts.

After a long day with makeup on, you have to clean your face from all the makeup.
I like to use these items in my daily routine.

First I use 'Lyslait'.
This is a cleansing milk that cleans deep and gently. It removes makeup and impurities. 
This cleansing milk is good for dry and sensitive skin. 
It is enriches with White Lily.

After the cleansing milk I like to use my lotion, in this case Lotion tonique aux fleurs.
This is an alcohol-free, refreshing toner with natural extracts of Cornflower, Witch Hazel and extracts of Rose to help soothe and soften your skin.
It is also very good for dry and sensitive skin 
(I guess you all know my skintype now :D)

The Phyto-touche illusion d'été powder - €74,25
Lyslait cleansing milk 250 ml - €78,80
Lotion tonique aux fleurs 250 ml - €69,50

I absolutely love the bronzing powder from Sisley, it is definitely worth its money.

What do you think about the powder?

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  1. Een bronzer heb ik van Sisley nog niet gebruikt, ben wel dol op hun Orchidée blush!

  2. Wauw, ziet er heel mooi uit. Leuk patroon!
    XOXO esmee

  3. Wow die bronzer heeft echt een prachtige kleur! Deze moeten ik onthouden!

    x Karen

  4. Ik heb de bronzer ook en het is echt een prachtpoeder eh.

  5. Ik vind ze er wel echt heel mooi uitzien! Prachtig zelfs :D


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