Donut shaped lipgloss

Yesterday I went to the local drugstore and found myself these gorgeous lipglosses.
I immediately fell in love with the packaging.
Girls love sugar and makeup, so this was a perfect combination and I just had to have all the versions that where available of these lipglosses.

The donut shaped lipglosses were available in three different colors, and I bought them all.
A pink donut, a white one and a black one. 

When you open up the boxes you see they come in different colors and also different flavours.
Yes, indeed, these glosses are yummie to have on your lips.
The tastes are: strawberry, vanilla and cherry.

When you apply the gloss on your lips, it doesn't really add a lot of color but just a light shimmer.
I absolutely love it!

You can buy these donuts for only €1,50 at Kruidvat (Belgium and Netherlands).
They are also available online in many shops, they can be found when you search for 'donut lipgloss'.

Which donut is your favourite one? 
I love the black one that comes in a cherry taste.

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