Be creative make up - mystery eyeshadow quad

BE creative make up, a brand you may or may not know.

This brand  is an exclusive brand that is only sold in Ici Paris XL stores and in their webshop.
This brand is luxurious, well-made and most important of all: not so expensive as the other luxurious brands we know.

Today we are taking a look at their newest release: the mystery eyeshadow quad.
BE creative make up has allready made a lot of eyeshadow quads, but this is a new one.
It is made with a range of new colors and is completely up-to-date with the newest beauty trends.

The packaging is simple. 
There is a clear window so you see the colors of the eyeshadow in a simple box. 
What do you need more?

When seeing these colors, I absolutely love the combination of them!
You can create a casual look, but also nice evening makeup looks with these colors.

The swatches are exactly what I expected from the eyeshadow.
The pigmentation is good and the eyeshadow is longlasting.
I definitevely became a fan of BE creative make up!

BE creative make up Mystery eyeshadow quad - €17,95
only for sale at Ici Paris XL or in their webshop

What do you think about this brand?
Will you also give it a try?

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  1. Leuke lente kleurtjes! Het bruin-grijze kleurtje is mijn favoriet

  2. Wow de kleurtjes zien er erg mooi uit.

    x Karen

  3. Speciale kleurencombi, vind 'em wel leuk.

  4. Mooie kleurtjes, vooral de onderste twee zou ik vaak gebruiken

  5. Vind het een mooi merk, lijkt me een fijne quad :)

  6. The swatches look great and very pigmented :)

    Velvet Blush


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