Guerlain angelic radiance météorites perles de blush

Last week I was so lucky I was able to get my hands on this limited edition blush in a store.
This product was launched by Guerlain as a limited edition for the spring 2015 collection, and I absolutely love it.

This blush comes in météorites pearls but isn't meant to be applied all over the face as the other météorites.
This blush really is for on the cheeks.

When you look at this box, it is absolutely beautiful.
I love the little angel in the box.
The angel stands for the angelic radiance the blush gives your look.

When I opened the box, I was surprised by the smell of these pearls.
If you know the fragrances created by Guerlain, you can compare it with Insolence.
When you don't know the fragrances I can only compare it to the smell of my favourite purple candy: Violett.

When we take a closer look at the pearls, we can see they come in 3 different shades:

- a champagne color to illuminate the cheeks
- a fuchsia pearl that revives the natural color of the cheeks
- a rose petal pink color to refresh your entire look

In a swish of the brush the three shades blend together and become one to give you a healthy glow on the cheeks.
I absolutely love this shimmery rose touch and off course the smell.

If you are as lucky as me, you can still find this limited edition in your local drugstore for € 52,95.
Good luck!

What do you think about these météorites?

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  1. The pearls are so beautiful ! I definitely want to try it!

  2. Heel erg mooi maar zo ontzettend duur... Haha
    XOXO esmee

  3. Ik zit altijd te kwijlen over de Météorites, maar heb nog nooit de losse bolletjes gekocht. Blijft wel allemaal prachtig!


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