Happy girls are pretty - limited edition

Essence has done it again, they released a gorgeous looking limited edition collection called 'Happy girls are pretty'.
And what makes a girl more happy than makeup :D
As I said in a post before, I am such a packaging buyer.
Everything that looks nice, isn't safe for me :D
That's why I love this collection allready, it just looks beautiful.

Let's take a closer look at the products.

The first product from this collection is a contouring set.
Everybody knows contouring is hot thanks to the Kardashians. 
Everyone tries to contour like the Kardashians (and we never achieve the same resulst :D )

I like this product in this collection. 
It is packed together so you don't need several boxes of makeup to contour.

The swatches disappointed me a little. 
The highlighter is not as visible as I thought it would be, but it is useable for a subtle highlighting.
The contouring color is too orange for me. 
On my skin it looks different that the product itself.
I give this product a 6/10, for the subtle highlight.
And I think I will be using the contour as an eyeshadow in combination with my naked palettes.

Next up is the multi colour blush.
When I look at this product, I am falling in love.
The structures, the heart in the middle, the color combination,... everything looks perfect.

But then I went swatching again, and I got disappointed (again)
I have applied 5 layers of this blush on my arm, and it still isn't very visible.
That's why I have written on the picture where you have to search for the swatch of this product.
The product looks promising because of the nice packaging, but the quality could be better.
I give this product a 4/10, just for the packaging.

The last products I bought myself are the eyeshadow palettes.
They come in 2 variations:
- 01: Happiness is ... seeing your smile (pink palette)
- 02: Happiness is... following your heart (brown palette)

The palettes look beautiful, although I don't get why they put 'Knit' with the wool bobbins. 
What does that have to do with happy and pretty girls?
I don't get it, if you know why they chose the bobbins of wool, please let me know :D

I made two swatches of each palette.
One in sunlight, one in the shadow.
I like the brown palette (02 - Happiness is.. following your heart) a lot.
The pigmentation of this palette is great.
The pink palette (01 - Happiness is... seeing your smile) has softer colors and that's why the swatches aren't so bright as the other palette.
Overall I like these palettes a lot.
I give them an 8/10 (because I don't get the wool bobbins :D )

Multi colour blush - € 2,99
Contouring set - € 3,39
Eyeshadow palette - € 3,59
All this products are for sale in your local drugstore.

What do you think about this limited edition collection?

Let's create some more art together!

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  1. Het patroontje van de blush is erg mooi, masr het pigment vind ik masr matig...
    XOXO esmee

  2. Leuke collectie, maar spijtig dat de blush zo slecht gepigementeerd is terwijl de blush een prachtig patroon heeft :)

  3. Ik zag de blush en dacht: oooh, mooi! En toen las ik dat hij minder goed presteerde, jammer!


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