Too Faced - Chocolate Bar

Today a post on Too Faced famous palette: Chocolate Bar
OH MY GOD! I love this palette. The smell, the colors, the packaging,... AMAZING!

As you can see the palette looks like an actuel bar of chocolate (almost no difference with the real chocolate on the picture).
It is a nice concept; combining two things women love: makeup and chocolate.

When you open the palette there is a see-through plastic in the palette with the names of the colors marked on it.
And what a smell when you open this palette! It smells like chocolate!
This is because all colors are made with cocoa powder.

Here you can take a closer look at the names of the colors.

When you take the pastic out of the palette, you can take a closer look at the colors.
How great are they?
I allready imagine so many looks I can create with these colors.

On these swatches you can see the 8 left colors from the palette. 
White chocolate is not so visible, but you can compare it to a subtle highlighter color.
Salted caramel and semi-sweet are the only two matte colors in these swatches.

I am in love with the colors gilded ganache and marzipan.

On this picture you can see the swatches from the 8 left colors in the palette. 
Milk chocolate, strawberry bon bon and triple fudge are the only matte colors in these swatches.

From these swatches I am in love with the colors candied violet and champagne truffle.

This palette contains 16 colors in total, 5 matte colors and 11 shimmery colors.
In the box there is also a small 'How-to-glamour guide' with 3 looks in it.
The guide explains which colors you have to use to get the look you like.
Everything is explained with pictures and a step-by-step guideline.

Which are your favourite colors from the Chocolate Bar?

Let's create some more art together!

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