'Tini Beauty : Liptini

In this weeks post I will be talking about a gorgeous lipstick.
The 'Liptini Glamour Girl'.

The packaging of this lipsticks describes the lipstick as followed: 
"Velvety, richly-hued lipstick brings a shot of red carpet glamour straight to your beauty bar. 
Now that deserves a toast."

The brand has an awesome motto, we should always combine our two favourite things: make-up and cocktails!
That's why they combine the 'Tini in their name.  
'Tini stands for Martini (see the shape of the glass).

There's also other makeup available in the 'Tini collection: Nailtini and Eyetini.

As said before this is the 'Glamour Girl' color.
This color is more of a burgundy-red color.

The Liptini lipstick also has a special feature.
When you have multiplpe colors, you can mix them together like a Martini,
you can design your own color!

The upper shade on my arm is one strike of the lipstick (Tip: also useable as cheek stain!)
The bottom line are two strikes of the lipstick. It is a very subtle yet very nice dark red! 
I absolutely love it!
It is perfect is you're not used to wear dark shades but you want a lipstick that is hot this autumn.
It is a very good lipstick that stays on the entire day (I had to remove it with cocounut oil to get it off!)

This is a special edition lipstick which you can find in this months Styletone Box. 
When you order your box before 31th of October, you can still get this lipstick (and other products!) for only 15€ (in the box you can also find a lipliner that matches this lipstick).
(normal price of this lipstick is 17,95€).

Order your box here: http://www.styletone.com/?n=lid&o=101

Will you be ordering yours too?

Let's create some more art together!

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