Tempt and Wow look - A Styletone limited edition

Copyright by Styletone

Styletone has created a limited edition box for all those beauty lovers!
In the box you can find all the makeup you need to create the 'Tempt & Wow look' as shown on the picture above.

In the box you can find all the products you can see on the picture.
Let's take a closer look at all the products.
Swatches of all the products you can find at the end of this post.

The first products I want to show you are So Susan Dual Brow Powder and Vivo highlighting & blush.

The brow powder is packaged in a little box. In the box there is also a small brow brush, which is very handy when you take the box with you and you want to do a little touch-up.
Also handy is the little mirror in the box, everything is just perfect! 

The highlighting and blush from Vivo comes in the color 'Pink Primrose'. I like the fact that you have two essentials packaged in one little box. I like it a lot!

Next up is the Emite highlighting pen. 
What I like about this pen, is that you can use it as a highlighter (but it has no shimmers in it) and you can use it as a concealer (because it has no shimmers in it :D ).

Up next is the Lookx lipstick. 
The lipstick comes in the color Merlot grape (wine red no 97).
This lipstick gives a nice coverage, but you need to use it with a lipliner because the lipstick runs out if you don't apply lipliner first. (I used it with Essence lipliner no 05 - Soft Berry)/

Then wefind the étre belle mascara.
First when I saw the brush of this mascara, it reminded me of the Clinique Extreme High Impact mascara brush.
The difference with the Clinique mascara is that this brush is bended a little.

Tha mascara gives your lashes a very natural look.
Because of the special brush, all the hairs of your lashes are separated very well. I like it a lot.

Now the swatches (and prizes of the products).
I also made a swatch of the lipsticks on the lips because a lot of you guys asked for a lipswatch.

Now let's talk about the prizes;

Emite highlighting pen - € 29,00
Lookx Lipstick (wine red no 97) - € 17,80               
      Etre Belle mascara  - € 16,95
 Vivo highlighting & blush (Pink Primrose) - € 2,95                                  
So Susan Dual Brow Powder - € 15,95         

When we do the math, we have a total of € 82,65.
But the great thing about Styletone is, we can have all these products for only € 10,00 (Wow!)

What do you have to do to get this box for € 10,00 ?
                                         1) Go to http://www.styletone.com/?n=lid&o=101   
                                         2) Register 
                                         3) Go to the webshop
                                         4) Buy your box (and enjoy :D )

What do you think about this Styletone Tempt & Wow look?

Let's create some more art together!

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