Here we are...

Welcome on my new blog!

This is the second blog in my life that I'm writing. The first one was a 'wannabe fan page for cool artists' (shame shame). But now I want to do a good job on my blog, even a great job! On this blog you will be able to read beauty reviews (with swatches!).

I will make reviews related to all kinds of beauty products:  high-end make-up, budget make-up, perfume,....
There will be newly released products to discover, but also must-haves that are already for sale for quite a while.

If you guys have any suggestions for reviews, any questions, some thoughts,... I would like to read and answer them!

The name of this blog is 'Art, this is Art'.
The name is inspired on a video I've seen in a cosmetics group on Facebook (all credits to those members!) where a young man defends all women who wear make-up. I thought this video was so funny, and it helped me to find a name for my new blog (finally!).

So that is how 'Art, This is Art' was born.

And yes, we, make-up addicts, do create art! We're artists.

And here is THE inspiring video!
Enjoy it :)

Let's create some more art together!


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