DIY - How to make your own Z-palette

Everybody knows the famous Z-palettes.
I wanted to make my very own Z-palettes and I wanted to share with you how I did it.

All you need are your mono eyeshadows, empty cd cases and magnetic tape 
(you also need a cutter blade but I forgot to put it on the picture)

We start by taking our cutter blade and our mono eyeshadow.

You place the cutter blade between the pan and the case of the mono eyeshadow 
(as you can see on the picture)

When your cutter blades is between the pan and the packaging of the eyeshadow, you pull the blade a little downwards (you have to do this step very gently). 
The pan comes out of the packaging and you can take it out.

When you did all the previous steps, you now have an empty mono eyeshadow packaging and a pan with your eyeshadow in it.

Now you take your magnetic tape and a scissor.

You need to cut small pieces from the magnetic tape and attach it in the cd case on the places where you want your eyeshadow pans to take their place.

When you did all the previous stepts correctly, you can put your eyeshadow pans on the magnetic tape. They won't fall or move inside your palette because of the magnetic tape.

I sorted all of my mono's and categorized them into different groups by color.
I made several palettes: a blue one, pink one, purple one, grey one, nude one,....
The options are endless!
And because of the magnetic tape you can switch the pans easily from their places.

When you like the Z-palettes now, you are finished. 
But I wanted to decorate them some more.

I took some washi tape and decorated my palettes. 
I've placed the washi tape on the cover of the cd case, but also on the back of it.
When I place the palettes in a rack, I can see which palettes, hold which colors (so easy!)

Will you create your own Z-palette?
How will you make it?

Let's create some more art together!
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