Dior Vernis 204 Porcelaine (Limited Edition)

I got so lucky!
An aunt of mine gave me this limited edition Dior vernis from the spring collection 2014.
It felt like I was dreaming when she gave it to me.

Although that this is a vernis from the spring collection, I like to wear the color right now.
I have a high 'winter feeling' with this light blue color named 'porcelaine'.
It reminds me of a cold winter day, a bright blue sky, snow everywhere,... A typical winterday!

I absolutely love this color! It is so vivid and bright, but yet so peaceful.
On the nailwheel I've put two layers of nail polish.
Since this color is a very light color, 
two layers of nailpolish makes the color stand out so much more!

This was the first Dior vernis I ever used, but I'm definitively will buy myself some more colors.
I think I got 'Dior-Addicted'.

What is your favourite Dior vernis?

Let's create some more art together!Ilona

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