Clinique mascara sets - comparing

The stores are getting ready for holiday season!
A lot of gift sets, limited editions,.... take their place on the shelfs...
Finally the mascara sets from Clinique are back! And I will be comparing them in this post.

First we have the 'Lashes to the extreme' set.

In this set we find:

- High impact extreme volume mascara (26,00€)
- Quickliner for eyes intense (21,00€)
- All about eyes eyecream (this is a sample size)

For the entire set I paid 25,50€ (prizes can vary depending on the store)

Another set we can find in stores right now is 'high impact lashes'.

In this set we find:

- High Impact mascara (22,00€)
- Cream shaper for eyes (16,50€)
- Take the day off makeup remover (this is a sample size)

For the entire set I paid 21,60€ (prizes can vary depending on the store)

Now let's start comparing!


As you can see on the picture the mascaras have different brushes.
I prefer the High Impact extreme volume mascara, the brush takes all the lashes and boost your lashes in no time!
When you have long lashes yourself, the high impact mascara will do enough for you.

The High Impact mascara (black tube) is the best selling Clinique mascara! 
It gives you full, long lashes.

The High Impact extreme volume mascara gives your lashes extreme (like the names says allready) lashes.

As you can see on the picture, the normal High Impact mascare gives your lashes a very natural look.
The High Impact Extreme Volume makes your lashes more black, but doesn't look so natural.

An extra tip:

When you like to have a travel mascara, you can buy the High Impact in a smaller version. 
This mascara is an online exclusive on the Clinique webshop (10,00 €)


Th next thing to compare from the sets are the eyeliners.
The quickliner for eyes intense is a very precise pencil. I like it because I don't have to use a sharpener on ths pencil (which only makes a mess).
The cream shaper for eyes is comparable with a kohl-pencil. It is a classical eyeliner that everyone has in their stack.
I also like the cream shaper because it has a soft touch of glitter in it.

The upper line is the cream shaper for eyes, if you take a closer look, you can see the soft touch of glitter (extra glamorous!)

The second line is the quickliner for eyes intense. 
As the name says so, the color is very intense black. Perfect for creating the perfect smokey eye or another dramatic look.


In each set there is another product which are not very comparable to eachother.
So I will just show you guys what the extra products are.

The first extra product is the All About Eyes.
I love this product, it is my holy grail!
This eye cream reduces the dark circles under your eyes, puffs, small lines around your eyes,...
It makes your eyes look so much better!

 The other extra product is the Take The Day Off Makeup Remover.
This is a 'two-fase' makeup remover. 
This makeup remover even removes waterproof makeup!
I absolutely love it!

When we take a look at this two sets, they both have their positive sides!
I think it is really personal which set is best for you and your needs.

I will defenitively buy both sets again.
I use the High Impact lashes (set on the left) for my daily makeup.
The other set, Lashes to the Extreme, I use for my going-out looks or for special occasions.

What is your favourite set?
Let me know!

Let's create some more art together!

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  1. Mooie setjes precies, ik had graag de mascara op de wimpers vergeleken haha!

    1. Ik zal kijken dat ik zo'n foto kan bijvoegen voor je! :D

    2. Er werd een vergelijkende foto op de wimpers toegevoegd voor je ;)


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