Calvin Klein (CK) Lipstick

Today a post on one of my favourite lipsticks!
The CK delicious luxury cream lipstick.

This lipstick has a very nice pigmentation and is really easy to wear.
The colors are so awesome!
I love the fact that these lipsticks are also good for your lips.
The CK lipstick nourishes your lips.

The colors I bought are Venus and Fusion.
Venus is a beautiful light 'red-ish' shade wish is wearable on every day, for every occasion!
Fusion is more of a purple shade wish makes your looks more glamorous.

The first swatch you see on the picture is the color Venus.
The bottom swatch is Fusion.
These lipsticks lasts for a long time on your lips and they feel really soft. 
I absolutely love them!

In Belgium and The Netherlands you can buy these lipsticks for 2,89€ in Action stores.
When they are out of stock, or you are from another country, you can also buy them in online stores like Amazon.

My favourite color is Fusion.
Which is your favourite color?

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