maandag 21 januari 2019

Valentine Gift Idea : Happy Socks

Happy socks giftbox

Just a few weeks to go, and Valentine's Day is there.
A great opportunity to spoil the ones you love.
In my case I spoil several people, not only my boyfriend.
I also spoil my mom, dad and even my dog with some special treats.
But what can you buy for your special one? 
I'll give you a gift idea in this blogpost.

Happy socks giftbox

You can give your loved one a nice pair of socks.
Old fashioned idea? Not with these socks, this aren't just socks,  but they're Happy Socks.
Why Happy Socks? 
Happy Socks are socks that simply make you happy with their colorful designs.
The two pairs shown above are socks in the size 36-40, these are the one's my mom is going to get.
I really feel like I'll bright up her day with these cuties.

Happy socks giftbox

For my boyfriend I got a special gift box.
This box includes 4 pairs of Happy Socks in the same design in the size 41-46.
I know my boyfriend loves any socks, as long as it are Happy Socks to add a pop of color to his outfit so I can't go wrong with this gift.

Happy socks giftbox

As a gift idea I chose the box in blue, white and red tones. 
These socks are suitable for everyone to wear,
because it are colors that can be matched easily with any kind of outfit.
I really love these socks for men.

Happy Socks classy

My boyfriend combines his socks in classy shoes, but it can be worn with a sneaker too of course.
He was very happy he already got his Valentine gift because I needed to take a picture of the socks on his feet.

If you'd like to buy some Happy Socks yourself, you can buy them right on .

What will you buy your loved one this year?
Is there any chance you'll give a happy pair of Happy Socks?

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