dinsdag 15 mei 2018

Yves Rocher - Hydra Végétal

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

Hydration is so important for your skin! Your skin mostly exists out of water, so we have to do everything in our ability to keep our hydration level on point.
That's the main reason I was so happy Yves Rocher sent me this Hydra Végétal line to try out.

Hydra Végétal is a line filled with plants that Yves Rocher harvests itself in their fields of La Gacilly. Hydra Végétale has the possibility to maintain the hydration in your skin.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

First step in our skincare routine: cleansing milk.
This is not a regular cleansing milk, this is a hydrating cleansing milk that can be used in the morning and evening.
You can use this cleansing milk onto your face, eyes and neck and you use it like any other cleansing milk: on a cotton pad.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

What I also like to use to take of waterproof products or matte liquid lipsticks (that don't come off so easy) is a express makeup remover.
This is a makeup remover that you have to shake before use.
This makeup remover contains organically-grown Cornflower, which has a soothing action.
I loved this makeup remover to gently but thoroughly remove all my makeup that won't come of with a cleansing milk, and best part of all is: this remover really is so gently for your eyes!

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

What I also got from Yves Rocher is a cleansing gel, I am not a big fan of cleansing gel to be honest.
This cleansing gel remover impurities and some leftover of makeup.
You apply this gel onto a damp skin, make circular motions and wash it off.
You can use this gel in the morning and evening.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

What I absolutely love to use lately, are eye creams and especially hydrating ones.
I feel like a lot of people forget to use eye cream in their skin care routine, but it is so important! 
The skin around our eyes is so sensitive and thin, so it has to be treated with a lot of attention and care.

This eye cream really feels refreshing and hydrating, it is actually not really a cream but more like a gel texture.
Important to know: don't apply it on your eyes but only the area around your eyes.

Yves Rocher Hydra Végétal

This hydrating cream gives you 48 hours of hydration! This doesn't mean you don't need to apply cream for 48 hours, but it means that your hydration level in your skin will never know an all time low.
This cream is also a multi-use cream, it can be used as a day cream AND night cream in one!
It feels very light and fresh, as this is like the eye cream also a very light texture that feels like a liquid gel.

I really love all these Hydra Végétal products (except the cleansing gel) that I got from Yves Rocher.

Have you ever tried these products before?
What skincare products do you use?

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