Filorga - UV Bronze sun care

Filorga UV Bronze

Filorga, one of the brands I adore for their sunscreen, now has released new products in addition to their sun care range.
Filorga has already released some of their sun care products last year.
Filorga had a: sunscreen SPF 50 for the face and one for the body, but they also have a invisible mist spray which is so handy that you can spray it over your makeup.
Let's discover these products together in this blogpost.

Filorga UV Bronze

Filorga UV Bronze Invisible Mist SPF50

As you might know SPF basically is dead after 2 hours.
When you wear makeup it becomes a mess when you want to apply your sunscreen over your makeup.
That's where this spray comes in handy.
It is very light and so easy to take in your purse and you can just spray it over your makeup.
Your makeup will still look as perfect as it did before spraying and you're protected for the next 2 hours.

Filorga UV Bronze Face cream SPF50

This face cream looks like a regular sunscreen, yet it is a little special.
This sunscreen will off course protect your skin from all the damages the sun might cause.
But is also has an anti-aging action (anti-wrinkles) and will protect your skin from dark spots showing up.

Filorga UV Bronze Body SPF50

This protector for the body, is also an anti-aging sunscreen.
It will nourish your skin and regenerates it as well.
This spray will protect you as it should, but when you tan it will provide your skin from a nice bronzed effect, it looks gorgeous!
Fun fact: you can also use this on your hair!

Filorga UV Bronze

Filorga UV Bronze Body Oil SPF30

This oil is really revolutionary, this products will stimulate your skin to bronze nicely.
It has a tan activating complex in it that will stimulate the cells that provide the skin from a nice color when out in the sun.
And off course, this product won't be a Filorga product if it didn't had a anti-aging complex as well.

Filorga UV Bronze After Sun

This after sun also has the tan stimulator complex in it, so this will boost the tan you got without using self-tanner.
This after sun is a gel texture, but it does contain 4 kinds of essential oils to nourish your skin.
This after sun can be used on the face and body.

These Filorga products are for sale at your local pharmacy or at Ici Paris XL (BE & NL)

What do you think about these products?
What sun care do you use?


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