maandag 22 januari 2018

Why choosing extensions? - OxY Extensions

Since my last blogpost about my hair extensions in September, I got a lot of questions from you guys why I choose to wear extensions. 
And that is exactly what this blogpost will be aboutwhy choosing for hair extensions. 

am absolutely not blessed with amazing hair. I have few and thin hair that doesn't grow easily. 
As a girly girl I always wanted to have long hair like all the role models you see in movies, series, popstars,.. Every famous girl had long wavy hair in my eyesand I also wanted hair like that. 

That was the moment I decided I needed to have extensions for myself. But there are many kinds of extensions available. I choose for clip-in hair extensionsYou can remove them whenever you want to and they don't damage your own natural hair (very important for me as my hair isn't from great quality at all). 

used my extensions so much, I am so satisfied I purchased them. I used to do a lot of photoshoots for a modelling agency, and for every shoot I wore my extensions as if they were my real hair. It delivered some great shots like you can see in this blogpost as I included some of the pictures that were made. 

But having clip-in extensions also has other advantages: 

1) Immediate length 
You want to grow your hair just like me but your length won't go as long as you wished?  
You cut your hair and miss your long hair?  
Well extensions are perfect to create instant length in your hairdo! 

2) Volume like never before 
When you have very thin hair without any volume, you can use extensions to create more volume in your hairdo.  
In only 5 minutes you have that Hollywood volume you've always wanted. 

3) No damage  
Like I mentioned before, sewed in extensions can really damage your own natural hair.  
But with clip-in extensions from OxY you won't have that damaged hair!  
You just clip them in whenever and wherever you want and your natural hair will keep on growing like it used to before. 

4) Very light  
I have to admit, there are a lot of clip-in extensions on the market so what does make the OxY extensions differently? 
Well these extensions are so light that you won't feel them when they're clipped in!  
I like this feature a lot because too heavy extensions really cause some serious headaches for me. 

5) Invisible 
It doesn't matter what angle you're looking from, you won't see the difference between real hair and the OxY extensions. 

used extensions from the website OxY extensionsand I am very satisfied about the quality and their service. I really recommend these to all of you. 

Have you ever thought about wearing extensions yourself? Or do you have extensionsIf sowhat kind of extensions do you prefer wearing? 

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