Dr. Organic - Charcoal Purifying Skincare & Haircare

With the increase of the air pollution, it is important that we protect and cleanse our skin thorouhgly.
Protection our skin might look like an easy step, a lot of products contain an SPF these days.
But cleansing is very important as well, and activated charcoal is a perfect ingredient to clean your skin with as it cleanses very deep and also purifies your skin.
I discovered this charcoal range by Dr. Organic and I am about to show you all the products that are available in this range.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying

The brand new Dr. Organic Charcoal range will make your skin feel clean and fresh. 
It will also prevent impurities to win the battle on our skin, but will fight them and make them appear less often.

It is important to know that all the Dr. Organic products shown in this blogpost are free from parabens, SLS and other non-natural additions.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying

Face Products

Organic Charcoal Face Mask - € 9,99

This deeply cleansing face maks contains activated charcoal combined with bioactive ingredients including natural fruit acids.
This deeply cleansing face mask will remove dirt from your skin and cleanses your pores. The result of this mask is a clean, fresh and clear skin.

Organic Charcoal Face Wash - € 9,99

This cleansing gel contains activated charcoal combined with a mix of biological oils and fruit extracts.
It will cleanse your skin very deep, but still be gentle for your face.
It helps to remove impurities, grease and dirt to gain a fresh and clear skin.

Organic Charcoal Face Scrub - € 9,99

This face scrub also contains activated charcoal combined with a mix of biological oils and fruit extracts to cleanse the skin very deep.
It will remove dead skin cells very efficient.
This scrub is a good preparation of your skin to use the Dr. Organic Charcoal Face Mask afterwards.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying

Hair and Body Products

Organic Charcoal Shampoo - € 8,99

This purifying shampoo will make sure that dirt, dust and sebum from the hair and the scalp will be removed.
The activated charcoal combined with biological oils and fruit extracts will make your hair clean and will make your scalp feel fresh.
This shampoo is perfect for dull, stressed and lifeless hair.

Organic Charcoal Conditioner - € 8,99

This hydrating conditioner with activated charcoal will remove efficiently grease out of the hair and from the scalp.
The biological oils and fruit extracts will make your hair feel soft, vital and combable hair.

Organic Charcoal Body Wash - € 8,99

A body wash with the unique characteristics of activated charcoal with a purifying action.
This body wash will easily remove dirt and grease from your body.
It will make you feel clean and very refreshed.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying Tootpaste

Organic Charcoal Toothpaste - € 6,99

Finally a toothpaste with activated charcoal that is safe to use.
I've seen a lot of these toothpastes before but I was scared to order them because they weren't sold officially in my country, but this one is.
This toothpaste does not only contain activated charcoal but also natural and biologic plant extracts.
The activated charcoal will cleanse your teeth thoroughly and it will make your teeth even more white without harming your tooth enamel.

Dr. Organic Charcoal Purifying  toothpaste

Dr. Organic makes eco friendly beauty products that are made with respect for nature and the entire world.
 Dr. Organic is exclusively sold by Holland & Barret.

What do you think about beauty products with activated charcoal in them?
Would you try them out?


  1. Ik ken dezeproducten nog niet maar ik zou ze wel uitproberen.

  2. oh! I am exited about the toothpaste! Where cn you buy it?

  3. Ik kan er neit zo veel overzeggen want ik heb het nog niet gebruikt maar ik ben wel erg benieuwd

  4. Ik hoor de laatste tijd veel over zwarte kool, maar heb het nog niet geprobeerd. Heb je de producten kunnen testen? Ik ben benieuwd of ze werken.

  5. De haarproducten lijken me een beetje vreemd om te gebruiken, maar denk wel dat het goed is voor je huid!

  6. Oh wat een mooie producten, zien er stoer uit. Lijkt me fijn om uit te proberen!

  7. Ik wist dat het bestond voor je tanden maar voor de rest wist ik niet. Ben wel benieuwd!

  8. Wat een speciale producten zijn dit, deze lijken me wel fijn!


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