Syoss- Salonplex Pre Color Primer

Have you ever heard of the Plex Technology?
In our hair, special hair bridges are responsible for the well-being of our hair and its inner strength.
A lot of chemical treatments may cause damage to these hair bridges, this will damage your hair and it may break as well.
Luckily for us, Syoss created a new product to protect our hair from damaging.
Meet the new Syoss Salonplex Pre Color Primer.

Earlier this year, Syoss launched the range SalonPlex with a shampoo and a conditioner in it.
Syoss also renewed their coloring range and added the SalonPlex Technology into all their hair coloring products.
With this technology, a million hair bridges will be created and existing hair bridges will be restored.
What does this mean for your hair?
Your hair will be stronger and protected from breaking.

Today, Syoss is launching a new product in their SalonPlex range: a pre-color primer.
This is a primer that you need to use before every coloration or bleaching of your hair.

This product comes in a spray, so it is very easy to spray it over your hairdo before you work the coloring magic.
This spray prepares your hair for the bleaching that is about to follow by creating a protective layer around your hair.

How to use this Syoss Pre-Color Primer?

Apply the spray on dry hair and blowdry.
Start the bleaching or dying of your hairdo without worrying about the damage that might be caused.

Good to know: This pre-color primer will not have any effect on the result of your coloration.

I have tried this pre color primer myself.
I bleach my hair every 3 weeks, so I have pretty damaged hair myself.
I am not going to say that my hair is completely restored after one use only,
but it feels softer and my ends are not so dry anymore.
I will keep trying this product as I feel that this might work its magic for me.

Syoos Pre Color Primer is now available in your local drugstore for € 6,99.

Will you try this spray out yourself?


  1. I never heard of a Pre Color Primer, but as someone who changes her haircolor often, maybe I have to give this a try :)

  2. Ik kende deze ook nog niet! Leuke review heb je ervan gemaakt. Weer een nieuw product erbij die ik ga onthouden!!

  3. Ik kende deze ook nog niet. Ben wel benieuwd. Ga deze onthouden voor als ik terug mijn haar ga kleuren

  4. Ik heb geen gekleurd haar dus zal het niet meteen nodig hebben! Ik vind de droogshampoos van Syoss wel heel fijn!

  5. Wat handig dat er een product is als je je haar wilt bleken. Mijn dochter doet nog wel eens : )

  6. Ik denk het sowieso erg belangrijk is dat je je haar hoed beschermt bij het bleachen of kleuren. Fijn dat je toch al een beetje resultaat merkt :-)

  7. Iets wat ik zeker heel goed kan gebruiken! Mijn puntjes breken heel snel.

  8. I get my hair done at a salon but I'll recommend it to my best friend!


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